Gov't spox: Iran deserves to acquire technological development

Tehran, April 25, IRNA – Iran's government spokesman said on Saturday that Iran deserves to acquire civil and military technological development as its inseparable and uncompromising right of the states, adding that the threats made by US wouldn't affect Iran's resolve to advance.

"Unfortunately at a time when people around the world must unite to fight against coronavirus, we observe such statements from US officials. We believe that the region must move towards peace so that we can fight the virus. The world is in need of physical and psychological security to pass through this crisis," the spokesman of Iran's government Ali Rabiei told IRNA in response to the threats posed by US officials to Iran.

Rabiei said that the US officials are looking for scapegoat when their wrong policy backfires.

"We understand that in the difficult conditions caused by the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, the US government, its President in particular, sees no way forward except shifting the blame in order to deviate the public opinion from their failure in fighting COVID-19 and also their international responsibilities."

He said that the United States accuses Iran of violating UN Security Council Resolution 2231 at a time when Washington has withdrawn since 2017. The spokesman made it clear that Iran abides by the UNSC Resolution and never violated its terms.                     

Rabiei advised Europeans to "learn lessons from events of the past and not to heed the US bullying in a bid to make the world feel more secure in the middle of coronavirus crisis and even after that."

He said that Iran opposes escalation in the Persian Gulf and makes all of its efforts to ensure security of the region, adding: "All the nations in the region, including Iran, are harmed the most by insecurity in the Persian Gulf, while the United States benefits from it when it suffers from economic difficulty and from oil prices."
Rabiei who is also Social Communications Assistant to the President, added: "Our de-escalation strategy doesn't prevent us from holding the United States responsible for any event in the Persian Gulf since it is seeking for adventurism."
"As long as the US maintains its malign military presence in West Asia and relies upon failed groups and lobbies for its sham interests, it can't even protect the interests of its own people," the spokesman said.
On the statistics regarding coronavirus outbreak, Rabiei underlined that Iran has been transparent in the highest level and announced the first case as soon as it was confirmed, although it cost high for the government.
He said that Iran made available its latest achievements in containing the virus and producing ventilators for neighboring countries as well as World Health Organization.

On reopening of low-risk activities, he warned that the measure doesn't mean everything is OK, recommending all people to continue observing health protocols in workplaces.
He also said that over three million vulnerable people have been hurt by economic impacts of the pandemic were identified and received relief aid packages.


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