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Iran hails INSTEX service, saying not enough compared to EU commitments to Iran

Tehran, April 6, IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said on Monday that INSTEX launched by the EU states carried transactions for medical and emergency supplies, adding that Iran expects the EU partners to implement other commitments to Iran as well.

Addressing Monday video press conference, Mousavi said interactions can be done through INSTEX, but it is not the all commitments to Iran the EU states have undertaken.   

He said that Iran is under the strictest sanctions and despite the US claims that drugs and medical equipment are exempted from sanctions, but they have been blocked to enter Iran.

Earlier, the Federal Foreign Office of Germany in a tweet confirmed the first transaction with Iran through INSTEX.

The Federal Foreign Office of Germany wrote on its Twitter account, “France, Germany and the United Kingdom confirm that INSTEX has successfully concluded its first transaction, facilitating the export of medical goods from Europe to Iran.”

The message added, “INSTEX and its Iranian counterpart STFI will work on more transactions and enhancing the mechanism.”

Referring to the fact that Iran’s economy is based on Resistance Economy, Mousavi said that Iran did not wait for lifting sanctions, Iran overcame the sanctions by taking advantage of domestic resources and forces.

If we could use our resources outside the country and other countries could help Iran with no obstacle it will increase our domestic power to pass the current critical situation created by coronavirus better.

Elaborating on the way foreign nationals are behaved in Iran, Mousavi said that there are two groups of foreigners Iran one of them are tourists and the other one are those who are living in Iran like Afghans.

He added that foreign nationals suffering from coronavirus will be cured for free on humanitarian grounds.

Commenting on the developments in Iran-UAE-Saudi Arabia relations after the outbreak of coronavirus, Mousavi said that contacts help observance of wisdom in behavior, adding that good donations have been made by these countries to Iran.

Regarding both countries nationals, Iranian diplomat said officials are in touch with this regard.

We hope COVID19 convince regional governments and nations to cooperate on fighting other viruses like violence and extremism, Mousavi added.

Commenting on the request of the Iranian students in Italy to return home, Mousavi said we are waiting for the observation of some health issues in flights and for the permission of anti-coronavirus committee and the Iranian Health Ministry.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Mousavi said that Iran made no request of help from the US, adding that the US has attempted to drive Iran to difficult situation for what they say to bring Iran to negotiating table.

Iran’s measures shows that the country does not recognize US sanctions and calls for lifting these sanctions, Iranian diplomat said.

Elaborating on Iran-Afghanistan relations and some new trouble over expulsion of two Iranian diplomats from Afghanistan and the Afghan diplomats from Iran, Mousavi said we have always maintained good relations with Afghan government and people.

Powerful Afghanistan is Iran’s hope, he said, expressing regret over political differences in Afghanistan.

Increasing or decreasing the number of diplomats is a diplomatic norm and is done through coordination, he said rejecting strained relations.

Commenting on Iran regional initiatives, Mousavi said that Iran and regional countries especially northern and western states enjoy mechanism for aligning views and policies.

Iran has had such mechanism with Azerbaijan, Turkey and Russia as well.

He added that Azeri president was scheduled to visit Iran but it was postponed but diplomacy is still underway and the foreign ministers will have their meetings.

Regarding Iran’s request for $5b loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Mousavi advised those who want to stop granting the loan to Iran by politicizing, saying the entire world is involved with fighting coronavirus and efforts to fight it should not be disturbed.

For much of the press conference, Mousavi described the US attempt to attack Resistance groups in Iraq as violation of the Iraqi national sovereignty, saying such acts are against the demand of Iraqi people, government and parliament which voted for withdrawal of US forces.  

In response to IRNA reporter’s question about the US allegation against Iran over attack on the US bases in Iraq, he said that it is an internal affair of Iraq and the Resistance forces and Popular Mobilization Forces are part of Iraqi official forces.

He said that Iranian nation favors negotiations, interaction and peace but if they face with threat and bullying, they will punish aggressors.

Mousavi expressed concerns over the outbreak of coronavirus in Palestine, saying the Israeli regime is covering up the issue but the virus may spread in Gaza Strip which is one of the most populated areas.  


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