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US responsible for spread of coronavirus, deaths in Iran: Envoy

Tehran, April 5, IRNA – Iran's Ambassador to Croatia Parviz Esmaeili said on Sunday that the main reason for coronavirus outbreak and death of those infected was lack of timely supply of medications to the patients and equipment for the medical personnel as a result of the US sanctions.

In an interview with the Croatian Daily Večernji List, he said that although Iranian people and officials are mobilized to protect the citizens and overcome coronavirus, the issue does not negate US government's responsibility regarding the spread of the disease in Iran and deaths due to lack of access to medicine.

He made the remarks in response to a question how Iran manages to deal with the situation despite lack of medicine and equipment as a result of sanctions.

He also recalled that WHO has declared both before after the spread of the virus that the standards of Iranian medical infrastructure and the capabilities of Iranian physicians are very high.

The virus did not take visa from China, Iran or any other country for entrance. It surprised the whole world, he said, asked how the virus spread in Iran.

Noting that coronavirus pandemic is a global threat but some use it as a political means, he said, adding that those reprimanded Iran for the virus outbreak have now highest number of the infected.

"Of course, we are very sorry for this issue and the disease of all nations," Esmaeili said.

Access to medicine and humanitarian facilities are fundamental rights of all nations especially when natural disasters strike, he said.

EU says it is committed to JCPOA and does not accept US unilateral sanctions, but why it does not set aside them? he wondered saying that it was expected to abandon sanctions, at least for humanitarian reasons.

Asked about Iran's request for unfreezing its assets, Esmaeili said that they belong to the Iranian nation but US State Department spokesman has clearly said that they will not be released.

When the US did not agree to unfreeze assets, Iran applied for a loan of five billion dollars from IMF, he said, noting that US may influence its decision despite the UN and EU officials' support to the application.  

On the possibility of US military act in the Middle East, he hoped that this would not happen, as it will be detrimental to the region and world.

"We are not a threat to any regional state and do not feel any threat on their behalf, but if the US attacks Iran, we will give a crushing response based on our legitimate rights," he said.

It has been proven to the world that the current president of the United States does not behave in a balanced and reliable manner, he said, noting that Trump's doctrine is violation of international regulations and even domestic law and this means tension in all international relations.

Esmaeili also hailed Tehran-Zagreb ties, saying that friendly relations between the two nations require that they be together in hard times.


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