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Iranian NGOs write to UN chief to demand removal of US sanctions

Tehran, March 26, IRNA - Iranian Non-Governmental Organizations in a letter to the United Nations Secretary General António Guterres demanded the removal of the US anti-Iran sanctions.

In the letter, the organizations some of whom hold UN consultative status warned the world that the lives of Iranians has put in danger because of the US santions admid the outbreak of the deadly COVID-19.

Earlier, Iran's Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations in New York Majid Takht Ravanchi said US' insistence on imposing sanctions endangers not only Iranians but also the world.

The full text of Iranian NGOs' letter follows:

Dear Secretary-General,  
We, the undersigned coalition of 343 Iranian non-governmental and civil society organizations, would like you to kindly use the power vested in your esteemed position to pay special attention to Iran’s situation vis-à-vis the COVID-19 pandemic while the country is under unilaterally imposed sanctions that the United Nations documents also considered illegal1.The United State’s unilateral coercive measures against people of Iran, has put each and every Iranian at a serious risk due to inhumane economic sanctions.  
The former UN rapporteur has called the said unilateral coercive measures, an economic war against Iran2. Today, in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic response, the Iranian population should fight the virus with empty hands. Since the inauguration of Donald Trump, President of the US, we have witnessed a range of ever-increasing coercive measures including economic, financial, technical and even humanitarian sanctions on Iran; measures that despite being called illegal by the UN, continue in effect endangering more lives while the UN and the international community has not taken any effective measures to rescue Iranian lives which have become more vulnerable under the sanctions.  
The Iranian population now requires practical steps taken by the international community as well as a more decisive role on the part of the UN. The undersigned believe that such coercive measures are a new form of war that is emerging in international relations; therefore, unilaterally sanctioned countries such as the Islamic Republic of Iran should benefit from the protection of international humanitarian laws.  
COVID-19 pandemic once again reminded everyone that in a global village no single country can resort to abusive unilateralist behavior to isolate itself at the time of epidemic events and crises.  
The world is now faced with two crises that have both stemmed from political unilateralism. Firstly, refugee crisis that in the past decade has demonstrated that local and regional conflicts cannot remain local and regional while other parts of the world stay safe from direct or indirect effects of the said conflicts. Secondly, the spread of COVID-19 from east Asia that has now contaminated most countries in the world.  
Dear Secretary-General,  
Amidst COVID-19 response, continued unilateral and inhumane sanctions against Iran claims more and more lives every day. Iranian physicians, nurses, health experts and health works keep losing their life to lack of medical, hygienic and pharmaceutical equipment. This pandemic disease has likewise seriously endangered domestic economy and production – a negative effect that presses the vulnerable social groups even harder. The government of Iran does not have any possibility to absorb funds to purchase required goods to provide an effective response to the said medical crisis and its economic aftermath, this would create a vicious cycle that could inadvertently strengthen the crisis at hand. We, the undersigned, believe that timely international efforts to lessen or lift the all-encompassing unilaterally imposed sanctions on Iran will stop a humanitarian crises from breaking out in near future.  
Thank you very much in advance for your attention and prompt action.  


2- Iran NGOs of Environment and National Resources Network

3- National Network of Iranian Deaf NGOs

4- Iran cancer national network of NGO

5- The National Iranian Network of Physical-Mobility Disabilities NGOs

6- Promotion network of sustainable Development

7- Environmental and Natural Resources network of Fars Province,Iran

8- Disability association of Tavana

9- Family Health Association of Iran 10- Institute for womens Studies & Research

11- Farasooye Taaly Institute

12- Organization for Defending Victims of Violence 

13- Ra’ad Rehabilitation Goodwill Complex

14- Peivande Gole Narges Organization


16- Zanjireh Omid International Charity Institute

17- Iran autism association

18- Abshar Atefeha International Charity Foundation

19- The Association for Protection of Refugee Women and Children (HAMI)

20- The lovers of association nature and the enviroment of marz

21- Mafakher Feizollahbeigy Cultural & Social Association

22- Iran - Portugal Friendship association

23- Omid Kariman White Cane Charity

24- Blue Circle Diabetes Association

25- Khane mosharekat mardom dar salamat ostan qazvin

26- Iran kurdestan state down syndrom charity center    

27- Can The Righeanme ntal Health Association

28- Institute of benefic ladies

29- zhin mental Health Institute

30- Qazvin Minoodar mental Health Institute

31- Parzhin 32- Tadbir farhangian fars

33- People's organization for the protection of  my family sarakhs

34- Anjoman hamyar javanan roostaei

35- Hemayatgaran tose'e karafarin hegmataneh

36- Sferan ones ostan mazndran


38- Moaseseye paradise banevane til

39- Green Kurdistan’s Population

40- Al-hosna charity

41- The Imam Rezais Benevolent Society

42- khorshide mohabbat

43- Toloo Bineshanha Society

44- Sayedalmorsalin zahedan

45- Raman Kurdistan Community Mental Health Support Population

46- Unique Yeganeh Khorasan Shomali

47- Charity  jiroft maktab zahra

48- Anjoman kocholohaye irani

49- Hamyaran salamat Sanyar NGO

50- Tashakol mardom nahad ehda ozv freshte mandegar fateme


52- ANGoman shmc zahdan

53- Asoy zhyar saheb

54- kurdistan ms org

55- Avaye salamate farda

56- hami sistan ta makoran

57- Aramsh faraday sistan

58- Moseseh kheryiye meraj emam hasan mojtaba

59- Tour guide society papurvan sna

60- People 's lnstitute of Beautiful Spring Life

61- Environmental Organization of Alamut Yar

62- BeTavane Zan NGO

63- Anjoman hemayat az zanane asib dide ejtemaei nasime mehrabanie kurdestan

64- Hamdellan Garosse Bijar 

65- Comperehensive ngo center for empowerinig women and families

66- International union of women followers of montheistic religions

67- Angoman peshgere az aseeb ejtmaee rhpoean dear kordstan

68- Kodakan BozorgAndish AsemanKordestan Impoerment and Creativity Institue

69- NGO: Rahjooyan omid javan

70- The permanent calling center of the people of Sanandaj

71- Successful family lovers association

72- Tapesh institute

73- UNESCO chair on social Health and Development

74- Moassayh hanagamayh marafat

75- Naeimabad ngo

76- Tvalode dobara jiroot

77- Kerman charitable society for student of exceptional student

78- Iran-Germany Friendship Association

79- Mehr pouyan sabze andisheh

80- Alanan Alatin

81- Safiran salamati shirazis

82- Anjoman Pasbanan Tabiat Aghtae


84- Rahe madreseh

85- Yaas charity

86- Bahrasman

87- Kimia the art of shining stars

88- Entrepreneur and empowered women's social center of Anar city

89- Sayyid al-Shohada Charity and Cultural Foundation


91- Kheyriyeh  EMAM SAJ AD of kouhbanan

92- Deaf Sirjan

93- Golshan Nour charity center

94- Mehravid kariman charity

95- Institute of Green Stars of Nature

96- Shamim -mehre -diar -kriman

97- Khirie-emam-ali

98- Monadian rahe hejrat charity institute

99- Sirjan Sweepers Community

100- Yaddashti baraye farda

101- Kashaneh omid

102- Nobavaran javan bam

103- Kanoone pishgiri az asibhaye ejtemaiye zanjirehay mohabbat

104- BotiyaAndishmandkavir

105- Asre basharat

106- Anjoman dogholoha va chand gholohaye ghalbhaye hamsan kerman

107- Parizkuh Environment Keepers Society

108- Moaseseh Aftabe Rahmate keriman jonoob

109- Sirjan charitable women association

110- Jamiat tolloo bi neshanhaye kariman

111- Iranian Diabetes Society

112- Iran Spain Friendship Society

113- Doustdaran tamadon kohan sabzevaran

114- Mehrvarzaan good growth sabzevaraan

115- Chemah kouhbanan

116- Al-Zahra Charity 

117- Kerman provincial  Thought and Development Association

118- Moasese kheyriyeh hazrate zeinab

119- Association of Osvara Sacrifice Kerman Province


121- Kidney Disease Association of kerman province

122- Morning&sport org Kerman

123- Congress 60 Human Revivification Society

124- Association of Mazandaran Mehrvarzan Zamin Pak

125- Pishgaman naji hate hayvanat

126- Javanehaye omid o andisheh

127- hoghoogh pajoohane ghanoon madare esfahan

128- Tushe_mohabat_hasti

129- Javananzhihatkurdestan

130- Langaroud environmentalists society

131- Iranian Scientific Society of Medical Entomology

132- Roshanaye Omid Charity Foundation


134- Yas navi non governmental organization

135- Homay-e Sabz of Maraghe Environal Organization

136- Nasimedanesh

137- Shokoofa Institute of Cultivating Children's Talent

138- Mental Health society of Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari Province - Saman city

139- baharafarinshargh

140- astaneh.arak.kanoon.farhang.abrisham

141- Mohkam charity institute

142- Citizenship Rights and Cultural Development Association of Alborz Province

143- Shahrvandan ayandesazan kavir

144- Kolbeh banuvan

145- Rahenoandishe shahrekord

146- Azein meher nargs

147- Foundation of Emdadgaran. Ashora Kermanshah

148- Iran Japan Friendship Association

149- Anjoman taghzeieh salem deyare eshgh

150- International Ava Ye Ecran Co

151- Iran rescue center

152- Toluemehrago

153- International Association of Muslim University Professors

154- Iran-France friendship association

155- Nama would organisation

156- Tabriz Teater Graduates Society

157- Nature Conservancy and Cleaners Association of Eghlid City

158- Iran-Italy-friendship Association

159- Divar hamdeli ehsan

160- Silk marine route

161- Iranian Elite Society

162- Barane mehre autism guilan charity

163- Zanane payame hagh institute

164- Kanonsabzetamisheh

165- Beheshtabotorab

166- Rah avaran salamt javan naved lordegan

167- Iranian society of notrition

168- Kolbeasemani

169- People's Association of Prospective Athletes

170- National Association entrepreneur

171- Woman entrepreneur managment

172- Nimroozonline

173- Iran&Cyprus friendship association

174- talashgaranesalamat

175- Havraz

176- Anjoman taghzeh salem shahrood

177- Anjmnnojiankhotahkhdanastankhstan

178- Iran Lupus association

179- Omidsabzben

180- Nature's rosy bloom

181- Guild of Qazvin Wellbeing Counseling and Psychological Association

182- Iran-India Friendship Association

183- Friendship Association iran&cameroon

184- Sacrificers ( ISARGARAN ) house of Public Participation.

185- Asanak Movies and Thoughts

186- kazive zhian

187- Moheban hzrat ali ebn abotaleb a

188- Tashakol banovan khalagh asouran

189- Rashad zhiyan

190- Peyvand mana

191- Himo institute

192- Green Life Association

193- Pezhwak ayeneh wandad

194- Ofogh 195-

196- Royesh babar zendegi javan

197- Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari Province People's Association of Lordegan Environment and Natural Resources Association

198- Sazeman mardom nahad banavan kosar

199- Howryani Sroshti Neshtman

200- Zhiari zanaii nishteman

201- @sedaye.charkhabe.dashtestan

202- Development of sustainable green space in Sari city

203- Hafezan miras kavir ardestan

204- Salamat Charity in Kurdestan

205- Rahenoandishe shahrekord

206- Rapooyan salamt

207- Zagros Pak Borujen Community Centered Team

208- Avay mehr miankooh

209- poyandeganr shahre ideal

210- Hamoon iran Association

211- Kurdistan Alzheimer's association

212- Poyandeganr shahre ideal

213- Rahpoyan Salamat

214- Anjoman taghzeieh Salem deyare eshgh

215- Kajavan

216- Njo mehrvarzan kodak khalijfars

217- Jhiani nwe Social Injury Prevention Association

218- Pazhooheshgaran Bikaran Hasti Institute

219- Anjoman taghzeieh Salem deyare eshgh 220- Association of Environmental Hazards and Sustainable Development of Andishesazan Ofogh Iranian 

221- Kurdistan's thalassemia non-government organization

222- National Foundation kavosh

223- Iranian Society of Organ Donation

224- Kudakane Behesht charity association for supporting children with special needs (intelectual and physical impair)

225- Mahrandishkangan

226- Institution of naysar Local Development and Facilitation

227- Gabric Diabetes Education Association

228- Emdadgaran ashora

229- one Asia

230- Iranian Cooperators House


232- Hami Shayesteh Gilane Ma

233- Cancer Patients Support Association pezhvak taher

234- Institue forSuport andProtect Kurdish Girls and Women

235- Against Hunger Charity

236- Salamat charity

237- Persian Twins & Twins Association

238- Alhojat Charity

239- Alamut environment and national resources asist group

240- NGO banovan talashgar sharghl

241- Khayerin Maskan saz ostan busher

242- Tolooe Aftabe Sorine CHoram

243- Lorestan Sustainable tourism association

244- Isfahan society of epilepsy

245- Mohager negat bakhsh zendegi khorasan shomale

246- toloe aftab salamat

247- Moheban hzrat ali ebn abotaleb  

248- Simurgh premier vision association

249- Emtedad Andishe

250- Safe Community Association

251- Environmental institute of Rahimabad, Asemanrood

252- Yavarane homaye rahmat

253- People's Association of Young Helper Clean Sports

254- Anjamanhamiyan Mohitzest Mongasht

255- Nature Cleaners community of Gilan province

256- SupporterSsocietyofNatureandEnvironmeneofHamidleh

257- Talayedarandanesh

258- Mehrafarinan Rahian salamat

259- Omid charity

260- Yazd smartcity NGO

261- Shahrvand hamyar ghoomes NGO

262- Hameyan raheh roshane lorestan

263- Navid dansh bahmaie

264- Ehyagaran Tanafose Pake Zamin

265- Persian beautiful plains tourists 266- ENIMROOZESISTANIHA Foundation

267- Payan kartonkhabi

268- Taranomeandishejavanefarda

269- Safir_charitablle

270- Emdad garan ashora 

271- Intellectual women societygalikesh

272- Modiran mofagh farda majma 

273- Chavoshan salamat e parseh

274- Jamiat hamyaran salamet ravan  ajtamay darda. ashinas

275- Hampadi community

276- Sarayetoloueomud

277- Khozestan pioneer science and technology association 278- Iranian Society Revival Hearing NGO

279- Farhang gostaran dadafarin fars 280- Puyesh institute

281- Semirom green messengers

282- The center of psychology depth of peace

283- Moj mehrbani Charitable Foundation

284- Association of natural nutrition & Vegetarianism Of Easste Azerbaijan

285- Jameeyate hamyarane ostane sabz

286- Mandegaran charity

287- Arvand Borna

288- velayat harim khademan charity

289- Human society for mental health

290- Barbad ngo

291- Safiran tandorosti kalate

292- Guilan Virtual Media Development Association

293- Arya foundation for history, culture & civilization

294- Baran mehr khazar

295- Moasseh mehre khanevade yasuj

296- Pars managers

297- Andishe rasa mehr fars

298- Mental Health Support Institute  The rain of life golestan

299- Ghasdk omid va neshat

300- InibKhouzestan strategy accommodation  and prevention

301- Mehr vatan

302- Bachehayetaghat

303- Khuzestan Green Plain Watch Association

304- Ngo Zakerinvahi

305- Noor canser charity ngo

306- Innovators and Technologists Center

307- Shanim Yazdan Pak

308- Iranian Society of Disabled persons

309- Yaran  Amol sustainable development  Association


311- Simare Dareh Shahr Environmental Assistance Group

312- Water and Environment of Zagros

313- Gol beaute omid charity

314- NGO behesht farvardin

315- Supporters of West Zagros Economic Development

316- Farhikhteh Empowerment Institute

317- International Family Sport Group

318- astaneh.arak.anoon ..farhang.abrjsha

319- Association short stature iranian

320- Iran ms socitey

321- Iranian Hemophilia Soceity

322- Yaran Charity Association of Jaame

323- Mehrkhanevade


325- Maedehasemani_kheyrie 


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