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Zarif: US Medical Terrorism impedes effective reaction to pandemic

Tehran, March 21, IRNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in an interview with Brazilian media ‘Folha de S.Paulo’ that the US Medical Terrorism impeded Iran's effective reaction against corona pandemic.

In response to a question that Iran ranks third with regard to coronavirus death toll and the impact of sanctions and economic isolation on this situation, Zarif said that sanctions have affected Iran’s economic resources, oil revenues and private sector.

The US maximum pressure against Iran blocks exports "so, we have less resources for investment", he added.

Iran is a rich country but due to sanctions we do not have necessary resources to serve affected people, he noted.

Even if we had financial capability to supply them, sanctions impede purchase of medicines and medical equipment.

It makes no difference for banking restrictions whether you want to buy humanitarian goods or not, Zarif said, in reference to cut-off link of SWIFT Interbank Financial Telecom of Central Bank of Iran by the US Department of Treasury.

Moreover, thanks to US sanctions, European manufactures of medical equipment do not maintain trade with Iran, he said, adding that US imposes economic and medical sanctions against Iran in different shapes.

Zarif said that the US sanctions on Iran amount to Crimes Against Humanity.

Commenting on whether Iran has rejected the US aid offer, Iranian top diplomat said that the US suggestion was out of hypocrisy.

A few days ago, US Secretary of State urged other countries to pave the way for helping Iran in fighting coronavirus, he said adding that the only measures that the US should take would be to avoid creating roadblocks.

We will take care of ourselves and have enough friends to contribute to Iran's relentless campaign against the pandemic, Zarif said, advising US to stop economic terrorism.

If you are not ready to do so, we will urge the world to stop this bullying, Zarif warned US.

It is inhuman that Iranians are dying and the other states accept the US bullying in the hope of not being damaged, Iranian minister noted.

Elaborating on the consequences of crises created by US, Zarif said during the assassination of Lieutenant General Qasemi Soleimani, several Iraqi military officers were also killed including an Iraqi commander who was the vice defense minister of Iraq.

Americans commit crimes and the expect Iran prevent others’ reaction, he noted.

We are not able to control citizens of other countries who want to defend themselves, he said, adding that if Americans continue these aggression against Iraqis, they should wait for reaction.

They cannot hide themselves behind accusing Iran of supporting these groups, Iranian diplomat said.

They use the term proxy which is regarded as irresponsible and as an insult to Iraqi people.

Elaborating on the Shia groups relations with Iran, Zarif said, "we have relations with not only Shia groups but with Sunnis and Christians as well.

Iran has adopted the policy of supporting those who are under pressure, ha said advising US to understand this issue since they claim supporting democracy and those who are suppressed.

He said that Iran has influence on them, but, do not control them.

In response to another question whether, taking revenge of General Soleimani’s assassination has finished, Zarif said based on article 51 of UN Charter, Iranian government in a defensive act targeted the base through which the assassination operation has been accomplished.

For much of the interview, Zarif referred to Iran nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), saying the deal is still alive and the international regulations will not die because a criminal has violated them.

The US regime violates UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

Responding to another question that after the assassination of Iranian commander, Iran-Brazil relations faced crisis, Zarif said, "We have had over 100 years relations with Brazil and our polices complement each other."

Brazil has been one of the biggest consumers of Iranian petrochemicals.

He hailed Brazil’s stance with regard to supporting international regulations, territorial integrity and respecting sovereignty.

Brazil enjoys strong position regarding its avoidance to take advantage of power in international relations.


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