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Pakistani analyst slams US latest anti-Iran sanctions

Islamabad, March 19, IRNA – Senior Pakistani security analyst strongly condemning latest US sanctions against Islamic Republic of said that what can be more crude than bullying a nation when coronavirus has already crippling life in Iran.

Executive Director of Center for Research and Security Studies, Imtiaz Gul expressing his views at his twitter account said ugly geo-politics continues to define interstate relations and their responses to each other.

He said look at the latest sanctions against Iran that were imposed on 17th March and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has promised to maintain his country’s maximum pressure to choke off Tehran’s ability to export its oil.

Chief Editor Matrix Media said these sanctions follow when Iran is battling the deadly coronavirus, it has lost nearly a thousand people and struggling to take care of its nearly 14000 infected citizens.

“What can be more crude than bullying a nation, where US economic sanctions coupled with the coronavirus are already crippling life in Iran, noted the analyst.

He added that merciless politics does not stop here as one of the senior most US official Alice Wells, has given a very curious advice on coronavirus but her statement doesn’t mention west Asia where Iran is located neither it mentions south east Asia where China is located, the country that has almost tamed the corona demon in three months since the outbreak.

“It has just closed down 16 corona hospitals after an amazing response to this deadly disease,” said the expert.

Imtiaz Gul added as if to convey to the world its confidence out of the current crisis as well as the importance it places on bilateral relations President Xi Jinping walked out in open and publically shook hands with his visiting Pakistani counterpart Arif Alvi.

“Sadly western governments and western media continue to denigrate the Chinese response to the coronavirus and will it stop the rise of China as a global power certainly not,” he viewed.


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