China regards coronavirus fight a promising chance to deepen ties with Iran
IRNA chief (left), CCTV president (right)

Beijing, March 18, IRNA - President of China Central Television (CCTV) Shen Haixiong has called for turning the fight against coronavirus as a suitable opportunity to further deepen friendship and foster relations with the Iranian people.

Haixiong made the remarks in response to the letter of sympathy sent by Managing Director of the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) Zia Hashemi to the Chinese media from the outset of the outbreak of the coronavirus in Dec 2019.

As Haixiong said, IRNA chief's message was full of kindness.

Then he expressed sympathy with Hashemi and IRNA staff members over the deadly coronavirus pandemic which have killed over 8,000 people across the world, including Iran.

China and Iran through reciprocal support have shown sense of friendship, the CCTV head noted.
Describing IRNA as an old partner for CCTV, the media official expressed readiness to help the Iranian side counter coronavirus.

Such help will surely deepen friendship and cooperation, Haixiong said.

China and Iran are in the front line of battle against coronavirus, he said adding that Iran can conquer the deadly virus soon as the Iranian government has taken good measures towards the issue.

About Nowruz in Iran, the official said coronavirus would not impede arrival of spring, the first day of which is celebrated by the Iranians.
In conclusion, he congratulated IRNA chief, all staff members and correspondents on the eve of Nowruz , the traditional Iranian festival, on March 20.

The deadly coronavirus radiating from Wuhan, China, in December 2019 has affected thousands of people across the world, while over 7,900 have been killed. About 14,000 people in Iran have coronavius which killed 724 reportedly. Over 4,000 patients have recovered and were discharged from hospitals.

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