Trump regards coronavirus as pressure tool on Iran: Senior Expert

Tehran, March 9, IRNA –A senior strategist emphasized: It is safe to say that Trump administration sees the Coronavirus as a new tool in its "maximum pressure" on Iran.

Speaking to IRNA correspondent, Reza Nasri, referring to the coronavirus outbreak to more than 100 countries in less than two months, said: "The coronavirus experience displayed the most tangible and inhumane form of" transboundary nature "of the threats and dilemmas of the current era.

He said:Senior US government officials - such as Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo and Brian Hook - have called Iran "the first" coronavirus outbreak in their press interviews and media positions and called Iran "contrary to the World Health Organization", accused of lying and secrecy.

*** Main purpose of Sanctions; to create inefficiencies in the governance structure of the countries

Referring to the US government's policy of maximum pressure on Iran, he noted: One can safely claim that Trump administration sees the coronavirus as a new tool in its "maximum pressure".

This international lawyer on the impact of US sanctions on Iran's health and infrastructure infrastructure against coronavirus said: What advocates of sanctions and economic terrorism usually do not say is the fact that the main purpose of the sanctions is to ineffectively govern the states.

*** US should "suspend" sanctions until the eradication of the coronavirus epidemic

The senior US expert cited the role of lobbyists against Iran: Even if the law says "medicine is not a boycott" and US government officials are repeating the deceptive claim behind the speakers, these lobbies go behind the scenes to pharmaceutical companies.

They are sending special teams and delegations to scare the executives of these companies, backed by their own political and security backgrounds, into refusing to work with Iran, Nasri added.

*** Take psychological warfare serious

Nasri continued: That's why the Chinese government and media are now trying to pretend that China was not the "origin of the coronavirus" but merely the "first discoverer" of the corona virus! Consequently, it is with the implications of this naming that the mainstream media is trying to place Iran in such a place as China.

"The coronavirus will be sooner or later disappeared," he said, stressing that the Iranian government and people need to be very vigilant in the psychological and media war. But the consequences of being recognized as a source and, more importantly, a virus that could potentially kill thousands of families across the globe will annoy the nation and people for years to come! So take psychological warfare seriously!


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