Enemy's media try to induce inefficiency of Iran's healthcare system: Top military official

Tehran, Feb 25, IRNA- Head of Civil Defense Organization Brigadier General Gholamreza Jalali said on Tuesday that under the current circumstances the enemy's propaganda is mostly focused on accusing Iran's healthcare system, inducing inefficiency and intimidating the Iranian people.

Brigadier General Gholamreza Jalali said on Tuesday that the containment and control of the coronavirus epidemic would make sense in two dimensions of field reality and public opinion, stated that fortunately, in recent days a national resolve and coordination at the highest level of management of the country has emerged resulting to containment of the coronavirus's outbreak in the country.

Jalali explained the enemy's propaganda campaign in the current situation is to accuse the healthcare system for lying, such as publishing false statistics on the situation of the patients, creating a statistical contradiction between the officials' statements, and second, inducing inefficiencies in the country's healthcare system, such as incorrect comparisons between the level of action by Iran and other countries, the magnification of deficiencies, the removal of positive and promising news, and, thirdly, the creation of public fear and panic in the nation's medical staff by spreading inaccurate news, exaggerating the death toll, and the like.

"The emphasis here is on the public and social media users not to be affected by the media epidemic of the coronavirus and to consciously help the country overcome this great challenge," he said. The issue of dealing with the coronavirus is a national one and a very important one. We must be united in this struggle and pay attention to the enemy's code.

Undermining human health advocates is an unforgivable sin, he said. 

Jalali, weakening the country's health care system, despite the criticism, is an unforgivable sin, because today doctors and nurses are the defenders of the health of the people and the country, and we should all be grateful for them.


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