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Official terms ‘Deal of Century’ as Trump’s political suicide

Tehran, Feb 7, IRNA - Advisor to the Supreme Leader on foreign affairs Ali Akbar Velayati described US’ Deal of Century as Trump’s political suicide.

Speaking to Supreme Leader's official website ‘Khamenei.ir’, Velayati elaborated on Trump’s aims of proposing the so-called Deal of Century, saying the most important one was the strategic objective of the US and the West.

He added that they were aimed at occupying Palestine step by step.

When the Zionist regime of Israel started war and they feel they are at risk, Israelis began mediation through the UN to know how to negotiate and retreat

Later, during negotiations, the occupation issue was gradually forgotten until the first war started between Arabs and Israel in 1948.

The next wars also started between them in 1956, 1967 and 1973.

All wars has approximately the same scenario and the Zionist regime attacked, the Western bloc supported them but the Eastern bloc was silent or helped them indirectly and the Muslims were alone.

Velayati noted that the fighters started the activities to help the Resistance Axis.

Iran played major role in these fights and the resistance groups had victories resulting in Israel retreat from Lebanon in 1982 under the pressure of Hezbollah.

So a historical comparison between fighting and negotiation shows that the end of the negotiation has always been a failure for Muslims and Arabs, but fight results in victory.

US President Donald Trump in a meeting with the Zionist regime's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House last Tuesday announced his so-called 'Deal of Century'.

Palestinians took to streets in Gaza and the West Bank to protest conspiracy of Trump favoring Israel at the expense of the State of Palestine.

Many international and Muslim figures have so far denounced the US conspiracy against the State of Palestine.

Referring to the US’ terrorist act to assassinate the anti-terror IRGC Quds Force Commander Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani, Velayati said what Americans mistakenly do is that they think by assassinating a military leader the fight will end.

He noted that General Soleimani's martyrdom caused unity among different groups in Iraq.

He reiterated that Iranian advisors are in Iraq, Syria and Yemen upon the request of these countries meaning that Iran's presence is legal.


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