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Borrell's Tehran visit to help de-escalation: Analyst

Tehran, Feb 3, IRNA – A prominent lawyer from Geneva Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies said on Monday that he believes that compared to the UK or the other European Union states, the entire EU has more positive stance toward Iran, requiring Iran to form better relations with EU.

Regarding the visit of High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell's to Tehran, Reza Nasri said that Borrell is more positive toward the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that some of his rivals for the position.

Nasri added that it was Borrell's idea to postpone triggering the Dispute Resolution Mechanism.

He added apparently, Borrell is fairer toward Iran's legal stance, including the fact that Iran has triggered the mechanism once, so Europe has no right to do so.

His presence in Tehran can be an opportunity to negotiate about and find a solution to reduce tensions between Iran and European Union states, he said.

The international lawyer added that speculation about why the Europeans activated the Dispute Resolution Mechanism at this time. Some reports say that they did it because Trump had threatened to impose higher tariffs on European-made cars.

Saying that activating the Dispute Resolution Mechanism by the European trio is not legally valid, he added the main factor here is not an intra-JCPOA one. Some believe that they did it because they see no other steps are plausible for Iran and that the "reverse steps" will give Iran "irreversible" nuclear capabilities.

The two sides, i.e. Iran and Europe, should now work on their ties, for which Borrell's presence in Iran in a good chance, he said.

Answering a question about if Borrell can deactivate the mechanism, he said if Iran and Europe take the path of improvement of relations, Borrell can be of great help.

With Brexit, the UK needs to redefine its economic ties with the US that will definitely try to make London exert pressure on Tehran and even revive the United Nations Security Council resolutions.      

Nasri also said that if Trump wins the 2020 elections in the US, Europe will most probably compromise and yield to what the US wishes about Iran. The present situation cannot go for another four years for Europe.

He added that if Democrats win the elections in the US, it is more likely to keep or even to revive the JCPOA, which will be beneficial to Iran because some of the JCPOA limitations will come to an end. That’s why Trump administration will try its best to annihilate the deal one and for all in the remaining months of his term of office.

Trump administration will try to do something that even the next government will not be able to unravel the convoluted situation of the sanctions or create an atmosphere for Iran to normalize its economic ties with the world. That’s why Iran should be ready for the two scenarios and keep the path open for peaceful solutions.

About Europe's attempts to replace the JCPOA with a more comprehensive one, he said that Iran has made it crystal clear for the other party that it not going to negotiate about its missile and military power. So, what will happen if the US and Europe include these issues.

He added that if there is an agreement at the level of military and strategy in the region, it should directly be with the countries of the region, especially the Persian Gulf states. The best formula is for Iran to have a comprehensive and domestic agreement with the regional countries.

Regarding the consequences of the possible destruction of the JCPOA, he said that if it happens, the non-proliferation treaty NPT will experience basic challenge. In other word, what has been called the non-proliferation treaty since 1960 will be off the subject. And considering all the deep mistrusts into consideration, redefining a substitute to NPT will not be an easy job.   


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