Feb 1, 2020, 5:46 PM
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“Deal of century” goes nowhere: IRGC

Tehran, Feb 1, IRNA- Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in a statement on Saturday condemned the unveiling of the American-Zionist plan known as the "Deal of the Century" which will have nothing except failure and decline and simply goes into the dustbin of history.

The statement said that the step taken by President of the US terrorist stated in unveiling the oppressive "The Deal of the Century" plan which is trampling upon and oppressing the rights of the oppressed Palestinian nation and their land, is legitimizing the fake Zionist state, securing Israel's sovereignty over the occupied territories, disarming Hamas, revoking the right of displaced and a list of other instances of cruelty and aggression against Palestine, and is one of unprecedented atrocity and treason in the contemporary history.

The disgraceful plan that exposed Trump's vicious face and the hidden reality of the White House in opposition to the Islamic Ummah more than ever revealed the devotion of terrorist and inhumane US rulers to the devilish demands of the Zionist regime, especially in the field of security begging and added another strategic blunder to the black records of the Americans.

The statement also highlighted that the Deal of the Century will not only bring security and stability to the Zionist regime, but also a reverse equation like other cruel compromise schemes cooked at the White House and Tel Aviv, has no end, but a failure and decline into dustbin of history, and will ignite the fires of anger and revenge on the part of resistance fighters and the sons of the Mujahideen and Palestinians in the occupied territories more than any other time in the history of the 70- year anti-Zionist resistance.


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