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Iraq preparing to expel US military forces

Tehran, Jan 25, IRNA - Recent mass demonstrations in Iraq have signaled that the people of the country are opposed to the presence of the US troops and intend to build new Iraq on the ruins of the US bases by purging US troops from Iraq,

Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, witnessed thousands of people marching in the streets to protest the US occupation in the early hours of Friday morning. The Iraqi people chanted slogans calling for freedom and independence and the end to the US occupation.

The anger of the Iraqi people over the US’ violation of its sovereignty is something that cannot be ignored. The anger of the Iraqi people over the United States is not only due to the illegal actions of the US over the past few weeks in the assassination of Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al - Muhandis, but the anger and hatred of the Iraqi people have a long history.

The United States resorted to a great lie in order to enter Iraq in 2003, accusing the Iraqi regime of producing weapons of mass destruction in order to prepare for a military invasion. As a result of this great lie, the country destroyed Iraq's infrastructure and killed its people.

Message from Iraqi people's demonstrations to US

Analysts believe that the million-man Iraqi demonstrations against the US presence in the country have important messages. The Iraqi people sent a message to the United States that if the United States were to oppose the Iraqi parliament's decision to withdraw its troops, the people of Iraq would carry out this decision via participation in squares of the cities. In their demonstrations, the Iraqi people condemned any arrogant and hostile US action against the Iraqi people.

The US committed a major strategic mistake by assassinating General Soleimani and his companions. President Trump wanted to take it for his elections campaign favor. But the US' move clearly showed that the Americans were not fighting ISIS, but that they had brought ISIS to Iraq. This terrorist event has made Iraqis more aware of the past, and it is now clear to everyone that it is the Americans who brought up ISIS in Iraq. As a result, the people of this country have now realized the need to expel Americans from Iraq.

Mohammed al-Baldawi, a member of the Fatah coalition in Iraqi Parliament said that the demonstrations of millions of Iraqis are a unified message against the presence of US forces in Iraq and that all walks of life of the Iraqi people have a message with this content that the people are opposed to the presence of US troops in Iraq, and this is a demonstration that its right has been recognized by Iraqi law.

Salam al-Shamri, a representative of the al-Saeroun coalition, told Syria's official news website that the million-man Iraqis demonstrations indicated a genuine nationalistic stance in support of the Iraqi parliament's decision against the presence of US troops in Iraq and that the people's actions were in line with the parliament's decisions.

The Iraqi parliament has also made a clear decision to ban any military cooperation with the United States, according to the newspaper Ray Al-Youm. The Iraqi parliament's resolution explicitly called for all US troops to leave Iraq and close its bases in Iraq. The Kurds and their leaders have also insisted that no past mistakes should be repeated and that any American plan should be accepted. The Iraqi people are opposed to the presence of US troops in Iraq and call for immediate withdrawal. If the people's demands are not met, the Iraqi people's resistance will begin to intensify.


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