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Kazerun; Famous for Ancient Bishapur City and Parishan Lake

Kazerun, IRNA – Kazerun in southwestern Iran is situated on a plain among high limestone ridges on the north-south trunk road. The town is extensive, with well-built houses. It is surrounded by date palms, citrus orchards, and wheat and tobacco fields; rice, cotton, and vines also are grown.

Bishapur was an ancient city in the Sasanid era. The road linked the Sassanid capitals Estakhr (very close to Persepolis) and Ctesiphon. It is located south of Shiraz and there are lots of structures there dating back to Sasanid and Ilkhanid Era.

The most beautiful and important part of the city is Anahita temple which is the symbol of the divinity of the Waters and hence associated with fertility, healing, and wisdom.

Try to go there with a local guide who they explain completely about the history of this amazing ancient city.

Bishapur is one of Iran's ancient cities, located in Kazerun of Fars province. It was built by the order of Shapur I in the Sassanid era in 266 A.D. and today only some desolates are left from it. With an area of 200 hectares, Bishapur was one of the important towns of that time and it had a communicational significance.

Bishapur was residential until the 7th Hijri century and it was destroyed thereafter. Bishapur is a treasury of precious Sassanid relics such as Anahita temple. The architecture style of this place was the Parthian style.

Bishapur historical city was registered on September 16th, 1931 in the list of Iran’s national heritage with the registration number of 24.

Bishapur was recorded in UNESCO World Heritage in 2018 as one of the Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region.

***  Parishan Lake

Parishan or Famour was one of the biggest freshwater lakes in Iran also in the Middle-east, Parishan Lake as the largest and most beautiful freshwater lake in the country, located 12 kilometers southeast of Kazerun.

Parishan Lake receives more water than it receives from its annual rainfall and reaches its peak in April. Also, if you visit the lake in winter, you can visit up to 502 kinds of birds with more than 100 species.

*** Shapur Cave

In the Chowgan Valley (Chogan Valley near Kazerun) there is a rather large cave in which a huge statue of Shapur I (the second ruler of the Sasanid Empire) has been carved.

The length of the cave entrance is about 16 m, with a height of less than 8m. The height of the statue is 7m high and its shoulders are 2m wide, and its hands are 3m long.

The cave is marvelous. Beautiful stone. It is recommended for geologists. You definitely need tour guide. It has about 1 hour to climb a mountain. The sculpture of Shahpoor is huge.


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