Dec 31, 2019, 5:28 PM
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US goal of attacking Iraq to cut off its relationship with Iran, Lebanese analyst says

Beirut, Dec 31, IRNA - Lebanese analyst and editor-in-chief of the Lebanese daily Al-Bana Nasser Qandeel said that the aim of the US attacking, exerting pressures and direct engagement with the resistance forces was to cut off the Iraqi links with Iran and Syria.

Speaking to an IRNA reporter in Beirut on Tuesday, he added that the Americans bombed the headquarters of the popular forces (Al-Hashd al-Sha'abi) in the Al-Qaem area despite bases elsewhere to cut the linkage with the three countries of Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

Qandeel went on to say that the United States has accomplished part of this goal through conflict and by local Iraqi forces abusing the anger of dissatisfied people with social and livelihood issues and religious sensitivities.

According to the Lebanese expert, the US wants to break the axis of resistance in the Middle East region and therefore directly target the resistance forces in Iraq and Syria.

Nasser Qandeel emphasized that Iran comes first, followed by Hezbollah, then the Palestinian resistance, Iraqi popular forces and then the Syrian government.


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