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Enemy targeting Iran's economic advantages

Tehran, Dec 29, IRNA – Head of the Civil Defense Organizations Gholamreza Jalali said on Sunday that by waging the economic war, the enemy has targeted Iran's economic advantages.

Jalali made the remarks elaborating in the US "Economic Terrorism" against Iran.

He said that since US President Donald Trump took office, he took up three approaches against Iran: military war, economic war, and political war.

After the US advanced drone was shot down, they came to the understanding that they don’t have the power to face Iran militarily and that Iran is fully able to defend itself and make the US regret, Jalali said.

On June 20, the air force of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) shot down an American spy drone, identified as RQ-4 Global Hawk that had violated Iranian airspace in the Kuh Mubarak region located at Hormuzgan province, south of the country.

Jalali said that when the US saw that it was defeated in the military front, they went for the cyber attack and economic war, but Iran's cyber defense was so strong that the enemy could not inflict major damage on infrastructures of the country.

He added that in the recent protests that took place in Iran after the gas price hike, four cyber warfare bases became active against Iran.

What let the enemy be able to play a role in the unrest were the foreign-based social media. When the Internet was cut with a little bit of hesitation, it became clear that the riots were led through social media, so one can say that there is a direct relation between security and social media, he said, adding that the main goal of the unrest was destroying the symbols and sense of security in the country.

He added that Iran should analyze and assess the recent riot to find and remove all the weaknesses in every field. Iran could bring all the riots to an end in 48 hours, which shows harmony among the disciplinary forces.

Jalali said that the most complicated economic war, prohibited by the International Law, has been imposed on Iran.

Maybe, if a part of the sanctions was imposed on any country, their entire system would have collapsed, but Iran has been able to stand the all-out pressures thanks to solidarity of people with the governing system.


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