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Unilateralism and the US hegemonic approach: Main reason for long-standing chaos in ME region

Tehran, Dec 22, IRNA - The Middle East is suffering from unilateralism and the US hegemonic approach which are the main reason for long-term chaos in the region.

Facing the US unilateralism and its self-centered approach, all countries ask themselves if they keep silent and sit still and leave the US to continue doing what it is, will I be the next in line? The fact is that all Middle East countries have been suffering from US dominance. The regional nations have been the biggest victims of the US irresponsible policies towards the MidEast. 

In fact, the US naked unilateralism that is on its agenda suffices for the destruction of one country. In 2003, the US illogically invaded an independent country under the excuse that there are weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq. The US has failed to find those WMDs but that country’s people’s lives have been destroyed, its economy has collapsed, its social system has gone, hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed, 3,400,000 people have left their homes and are homeless and two million others have sought refuge in other countries. What is the US seeking really?

Today, the US bullying means that humans’ primary ethics and rights. The Palestinian issue is one of those issues that are related to human ethics and rights, it’s also important for the rights and sentiments of Muslims all around the world. However, it’s seen that the US unilaterally recognizes Quds as Israel’s capital, deviating clearly from the global consensus on the issue. Then, the US is moving its embassy to Quds and okays settlement construction in the West Bank of the Jordan River and pushes its agenda of New Middle East Plan in a bid to trade the legal rights of the Palestinians. This business-like approach of the US means clearly that it is violating international, Palestinian and all Muslim rights.  

The US constant interference in the internal affairs of the regional countries has led to the catastrophes that we are seeing today. The US has long been using the tool of “color revolutions” under the name of “promoting democracy in the Middle East” and has shown deceitful and colonial policies ignoring and denying all these countries’ history and national values. Today, this is the US nature that makes these countries its political, economic and ideological subordinates by depriving them of the path of self-development. 

The theory of “War of Civilisations” is a basis to create divisions between religions and nations. Since the sitting US government came into force, it has reiterated its “Islamophobic” policies and has errantly linked Muslims and Islams with terrorism, barring Muslim countries’ from entering the US and has created rifts between nations and religions. All these show the US arrogance. 

The US double standards have made it difficult to eradicate terrorism. The US uses the issue as a tool to serve its own purposes to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs. Serving its own purposes, the US shows leniency towards some terrorist groups and sometimes supports them. On the other hand, it takes a very vague approach towards other terrorist groups and uses them as its agents and supports them behind curtains. The US double standards towards terrorism and its self-centered approach have posed big dangers towards the region and the international community.

Today’s world isn’t a place for conflict and conflict, it’s a space to emphasize multilateralism, a world in which global management policies based on common consultations, joint construction and usage is stressed, a world in which all affairs needs to be organized by all, a world in which international norms are the basis for all affairs and the necessity for a multi-polar world should be reiterated. In international affairs, we can’t say that the one with a bigger fist has the final say, on the contrary, we should agree on and stress international norms and the correct path to resolve problems is through peaceful talks, consultations and negotiations. There isn’t any model for similar development in the world. The fact that which shoe fits what foot should be thought about by the people themselves. 

Today, all sides should respect all the paths that regional states have adopted, mutual cooperation should be used for economic prosperity and the new path towards the resolution of issues is based on the idea of “peace through development”. The difference between civilizations is a clear fact, but such differences don’t mean that one person is upper than the other. All civilizations should avoid bloodshed and narcissism, and through mutual respect should accept this principle that understanding beauty starts from seeing one’s own beauty, is completed by seeing the other’s beauty and finally through the interaction of these beauties. In this framework, emphasis on reconciliation, learning from each other, development as the time goes by as well as creative progress are all on agenda. In this path, terrorism and radicalism are the common enemies of humanity and fighting terrorism and eradicating radicalism is the international community’s joint responsibility. 

Today, the international community should confront terrorism hand in hand taking actions against double standards and confront those actions that undermine anti-radicalism and anti-terrorism efforts. Recently, a group fo US officials have alleged claims about China’s relations with Middle East countries and have clearly made claims about One Belt, One Road initiative, 5G systems of Huawei, Xinjiang regional issues and other cases are posing pressure on the regional countries. Such illogical behavior will not only destroy China’s relations with the world countries but also put a brake on the global growth that regional countries will be part of and China vehemently opposes such positions and behavior. 

Practical cooperation between China and the Middle East countries has a strong basis and a vast vision ahead. Regional countries are completely aware that who is their friend and companion and who is sowing discord. MidEast states have never changed their will to deepen their ties with China due to the US pressures. China’s cooperation with regional countries means taking a step towards a shiny and vast path and it’s not possible to put a stick in the wheel through lies, deceit, and embezzlement. Apart from the fact that international affairs are moving towards which direction, China is firm in its will to develop cooperation with Middle East countries and nothing will impede its movement. Also, China’s actions in this regard won’t be undermined and Beijing will always hope that regional and Chinese nations will achieve their prosperity through deepening their practical cooperation and useful interactions. 

Translated by: Ali Dashti


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