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Envoy: Iran deems US economic terrorism as manifestation of global tyranny

New York, Dec 19, IRNA - Iran's Representative at the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly said that the economic terrorism practiced by the US against Iran is sheer manifestation of tyranny at the international level and said that Washington and advocated of the UN's anti-Iran human rights statement benefit from the UN and its tools to exert maximum pressure on Iranians.

"The issue of human rights is just another chapter in the blueprint of what is sinisterly dubbed as the 'maximum pressure policy' against Iranians, a codename for 'regime change'," Mohammad Hassaninejad said on Wednesday, addressing a UN General Assembly meeting in New York.

The full text of Iranian envoy's speech is as follows:

Mr. President,

I am delivering this statement in relation to the draft resolution II as contained in document A/74/399/Add.3 on the so-called situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

At the outset, I would like to welcome the decision made by Canada to revisit its position on the inhumane apartheid policy that is being practiced by Israel in Palestine. Hopefully, it is not a temporary one and would lead to other prudent decisions, such as abandoning this politicized futile resolution. No one should take this recurring show of dishonesty seriously, neither do Iranians. 

After all, why should the resolution be taken seriously when Israel that has committed all core international crimes, i.e. genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crime of aggression has constantly been amongst its main advocates? After all, why should anyone take human rights advice from the main proponents of this resolution who have been the standing proponents of racism, colonialism, foreign occupation, interventionism, preventive wars and the uprooting of indigenous peoples? 

Those who have a historical and consistent record of betraying their promises and violating values such as justice, the rule of law and democracy cannot reserve for themselves the right to intervene and the privilege to interpret human rights and international law.

Assuming that these few self-appointed guardians of global virtues genuinely care about the human rights in Iran is both farcical and insulting. History attests to their truly destructive behavioral pattern that has extended to this very day. Even today, the prime sponsors of this resolution are the worst adversaries of human rights and democratic values in Iran and beyond.

Even today, my people are struggling to protect their basic human rights against a genocidal economic war waged by the United States. The economic terrorism that the United States has unleashed against Iranians, particularly the most vulnerable among them, deliberately and indiscriminately violates their basic human rights, including their right to food, their right to education, their right to health and their right to life.

This act of economic terrorism purposefully and ruthlessly deprives children with cancer and genetic diseases as well as patients with diabetes, multiple sclerosis, asthma, thalassemia and other patients with life threatening or rare conditions of their basic rights to health and life. Meanwhile, the U.S. imposition of its national laws on sovereign States is both the manifestation of tyranny at international level and an open assault to the principle of equality among the UN Member States. Not to forget that this is the United States where a white man’s gun is more protected than a black child’s life.

Therefore, nothing appears more absurd than observing an outcry for human rights in Iran by the governments who have never cared about it in the first place; the governments who are even actively assaulting the human rights of the same people they hypocritically claiming to defend.

To orchestrate their Iranophobic campaign, nothing is off limits. They shamelessly collude with renowned terrorist cults and separatists to incite violence and destruction. They openly abuse all available platforms to provoke hate and misinformation.

Therefore, there is no reason for them to exclude the UN and its human rights machinery in order to insert even more pressure on Iran and Iranians. This behavior is conducted routinely against anyone who dares to challenge their short-sighted political objectives that are essentially based on arrogance, hypocrisy and mind-boggling lies.

The issue of human rights is just another chapter in the blueprint of what is sinisterly dubbed as the "maximum pressure policy" against Iranians- a codename for "regime change".

While the Islamic Republic of Iran unambiguously believes in multilateralism and international law, it regards this resolution harmful to the prospects of progress towards the protection and promotion of human rights and solely in line with the political agenda of a few who consistently disrespect international law and advocate unilateralism and coercion. Please do not give them another chance to weaponize human rights against Iranians.

I thank you


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