US intends to manage insecurity on borders of Iran, China, Russia: SNSC sec.

Tehran, Dec 18, IRNA - Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani said that the US in its security strategy document has named China, Russia, and Iran as its enemies which tells the three countries that the US is an ill-wisher.

The US is intending to create insecurity and trouble on the borders of these three countries, Ali Shamkhani told reporters on Wednesday on the sidelines of the second session of the Regional Security Dialogue with focus on Afghanistan, noting that this is the second meeting held through Iran's initiative and endorsed by the regional countries. This year, Afghanistan's two neighboring countries of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan have been invited to attend this year's meeting.

He went on to say that the level of participants was acceptable and excellent because the highest security officials had participated and each raised good issues while it was finally decided that the issues be recorded and pursued by secretaries' deputies for the third meeting.

The secretary of the Supreme National Security Council stated that today's meeting had two achievements; the first of which is to hold annually the regional security dialogue conference and the second is to put forward and implement the issues raised in the conference and to design a framework for it. It was also planned to hold a meeting between today's meeting and the third meeting by the secretaries' deputies to examine what issues have been pursued and implemented.

Referring to US sanctions, Shamkhani pointed out that this conference is being held concurrent with US policy of maximum pressure, which in addition to economic terrorism pursues Iran's isolation, but the presence of China, Russia, Afghanistan, India, and others has shown that "we do not succumb as we in the domestic arena, we have countered maximum pressure with active resistance in the regional arena because of our historical position and role in opposing this policy".

In another part of his remarks, the high-ranking official noted that opportunities of security and collective cooperation were discussed and stated that the conference also addressed the concerns of transnational forces' books and security documents.

Shamkhani stressed that for example, in the US security strategy document, China, Russia and Iran are named enemies, which dictates to three countries that the US is ill-wisher and we must work together.

The Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, referring to the operational concerns of the countries present at the summit, stated that the United States has been involved in the creation of the failed ISIS and wants to move them from Iraq and Syria to Afghanistan, where countries must work together within this framework.

He also added that today's meeting also agreed that what is happening in the region as bloodshed, terrorism, and extremism has nothing to do with Islam. On the other hand, the summit showed that Iran is not isolated and does not give in, but plays an active role in the region by active resistance policy.

Te senior official also said of Taliban talks with the US that we are opposed to the US and Taliban talks for two reasons; the first reason is that any strategy and decision making without the Afghan government's participation is wrong and incorrect.

Shamkhani pointed to previous Iranian-US partnerships in Afghanistan and went on to say that the second reason was Bonn’s peace talks’ experience of the US involvement in Afghanistan that after the admired Iran’s measures, the US called Tehran the axis of evil, so "we did not participate in the American format".

The secretary of the Supreme National Security Council highlighted that any decision on Afghanistan, must be based on the people and the government of the country, and these decisions do not create trouble and manage insecurity while the US intends to manage insecurity and trouble at the borders of China and Russia.


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