President Rouhani: Solving problems of Muslim world not possible without solidarity

Tehran, Dec 18, IRNA - President Hassan Rouhani underlined that Palestine is one of the chronic wounds of the Islamic world that needs to be taken seriously at the Kuala Lumpur summit, and said that it is impossible to solve problems of the Muslim world without solidarity and cooperation among Muslim states.

President Rouhani, who is in Malaysia to attend the Kuala Lumpur summit in Malaysia, met with Malaysian King Sultan Abdullah on Wednesday, and lauded the Malaysian prime minister's timely action to hold the Kuala Lumpur conference to address the most important issues of the Muslim world to address the problems of the Muslim world, and referred to the three issues of Palestine, the interference of major powers in Muslim domestic affairs, and the need for scientific and economic advancement as significant issues of the Muslim world.

The Iranian president emphasized that it is not possible to solve these problems without cooperation and solidarity among the Islamic countries, referring to the 70-year-old displacement of Palestinians, and stated that Palestine is one of the chronic wounds of the Islamic world and this issue should be taken seriously at the Kuala Lumpur conference.

King Sultan Abdullah, for his part, hailed President Rouhani for attending the summit in Kuala Lumpur, highlighting that his presence is important in promoting the summit and wished the summit to be a blessing to the Islamic Ummah.

The two sides also discussed Iran-Malaysia bilateral relations, emphasizing the necessity of expanding these relations especially in the economic, cultural and public spheres.

The King of Malaysia also termed the presence of Iranian students in the country as a strength of the two countries' relations and emphasized the Malaysian government's efforts to provide them with favorable living and educational conditions.

During a meeting with Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed on Wednesday, the Iranian president went on to say that Muslims are all from one family and should take responsibility for each other. Many problems that Muslims are facing are because of the US intervention, such as sanctions against Iran.

Referring to the importance of relations with Malaysia for the Islamic Republic of Iran, President Rouhani stressed the development and deepening of relations with the country in all fields, adding that the two countries should expand their scientific and technological cooperation while the fields of energy, industry and tourism, maritime cooperation, information technology can be good areas for cooperation between the two countries.

"The Iranians are our supporters and we have a serious will to expand trade and cooperation between the two sides," Prime Minister of Malaysia said.

Referring to the impact of the US sanctions on the two countries' trade cooperation, Mahathir Mohammed highlighted that "we are working to increase the two countries' trade cooperation again" and are ready to cooperate in the fields of science and technology.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia, for his part, touched down that "we have always been under the pressure of great powers", saying "we condemn Iran's illegal sanctions in violation of the UN law".

Mahathir Mohammed noted that "we believe Iran is heading in its direction despite the US and European pressures" and noted that external pressure management is the Iranian experience that "we need to learn from".

The Malaysian prime minister described the Kuala Lumpur summit as an opportunity to exchange experience among Islamic countries, adding, "We will continue our trade and economic relations with Iran."

Mahathir Mohammed underscored that Malaysia's motto is Islamic unity and power in order to be resilient in the face of the enemies and "we must pursue the exchange of experience information in various fields".

Rouhani is currently on a visit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to attend Kuala Lumpur Summit 2019.

Rouhani's visit to Malaysia is taking place upon an official invitation of Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohammed.


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