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Rouhani: Iran more resilient now to withstand foreign pressures

Kuala Lumpur, Dec 18, IRNA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that Iran has become resilient enough to withstand foreign pressures.

He made the remarks in a meeting with Iranian expatriates in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Rouhani said that Iranian government made it clear that ambiguities and disputes with other countries will be resolved through negotiations.

Iran is ready to resolve regional and international disputes by negotiations and to have closer ties with other countries, he added.

Regarding the nuclear deal which was an international complicated issue in which the UN Security Council has also endorsed and has issued Resolution 2231 in 2015 we proved that Iran is determined to resolve the disputes with other countries by negotiations, he noted.

The other parties also welcomed it and we reached agreement with six major powers and then the US unilateral withdrawal from the deal showed that Iran has not breached its commitments and is still complying, Rouhani said.

Two years ago, the US unilaterally pulled out of the nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and put pressure on the other signatory states to follow suit, but, fortunately they were not successful in this regard.

The US allies and the signatory states did not accept the US withdrawal, but, even slammed it, the president said.

He said that the US and Israeli regime are aimed to put Iran in isolation, but, the Iranian people got more resilient despite the US renewed sanctions in blatant violation of the UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

Despite what enemies imagined, Iranians who have had hard life due to unfair sanctions, resisted and changed maximum pressure to opportunity, President Rouhani said.

Rouhani predicted that Iran will experience positive economic growth this year, adding that Iran has reached self-sufficiency in various fields.

He referred to producing motor cars parts, turbines and compressors as examples of the areas in which Iran has reached self-sufficiency.

Some countries did not believe that Iran could respond to military pressure at the sea, he said, adding that Iran shot down their advanced drone with Iranian-made missile.

In nuclear field, we have also had great achievements and today, Iranian new IR-6 centrifuges are working and models IR-9 are currently under test.

Today, everybody is aware of the fact that US withdrawal has not benefited anybody even the US and its friends, Rouhani noted.

Americans will have to come back from their wrong path, and Iran will make them do so by our resistance and perseverance.

Iranian nation has always been against extremism and terrorism, he said, adding that Iranian expatriates abroad should be the harbinger of peace and friendship.

He urged them to transfer Iran's message to all states especially Muslims.

Iran has made good progress in different fields such as  nanotechnology, aerospace and biotechnology over the last few years, and has increased joint research projects of with foreign universities.

Today, the atmosphere in Iran is suitable for attracting science and technology, he said adding that elites and researchers are recruited not only in universities and but in startups.

Rouhani's visit to Malaysia is taking place upon the official invitation of Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohammad.

The event is slated to be held in presence of 400 international figures including 250 world leaders and political personalities from 52 countries on December 18-21.

Participants are supposed to discuss the most important challenges in the Islamic countries and major subjects of the Muslim World.

President Rouhani is also to visit Tokyo to hold talks with Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo.

The meeting is aimed at developing Iranian trade ties with Japan.


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