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FAO urges all to help stop soil erosion

Tehran, Dec 5, IRNA – Today, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) celebrates World Soil Day to draw attention to the importance of healthy soil and advocacy for the sustainable management of soil resources.

FAO celebrates this year’s World Soil Day calling people and stakeholders all around the world to take action to “Stop Soil Erosion” and preserve planet vegetation that are crucial for “Our Future.”

Healthy soils are crucial for ensuring the continued growth of natural and managed vegetation, providing feed, fiber, fuel, medicinal products and other ecosystem services such as climate regulation and oxygen production.

Fertile soil encourages plant growth by providing plants with nutrients, acting as a water holding tank, and serving as the substrate to which plants anchor their roots.

In return, vegetation, tree cover and forests prevent soil degradation and desertification by stabilizing the soil, maintaining water and nutrient cycling, and reducing water and wind erosion.

Key challenges

Soil degradation is in many cases the direct result of poor soil management. The consequent decline in vegetation and its products such as feed, fiber, fuel and medicinal products has an adverse effect on soil productivity, human and livestock health, and economic activities.

Conversely, vegetation cover, particularly dense and healthy vegetation, protects soil from erosion agents such as wind and water and can improve its productivity.

FAO supports national endeavors to implement sustainable management systems in pastures, forests and other vegetated lands to control erosion and preserve the soils, and consequently support rural livelihoods, maintain livestock production, promote the growth of vegetation and ensure current and future use of raw materials.


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