Iranian companies to join Innovation Agency of Azerbaijan

Baku, Dec 4, IRNA - Minister of Communications and Information Technology in a meeting with his Azerbaijani counterpart announced that the implementation of bilateral agreements, and said that three Iranian companies have officially started their activity in Azerbaijan and joined the Azerbaijani Agency for Innovation.

It was the starting point of a major economic move that is "we have already planned" which has had result today despite the political differences between the two countries.

Mohammad Javad Azeri Jahromi, who is attending the 25th BakuTel Exhibition in the Republic of Azerbaijan on Wednesday in talks with his Azeri counterpart Ramin Qolizadeh, said that Azerbaijan has provided the conditions for Iranian companies present in the country and developed their own market.

The two countries' border frequency agreements were also discussed at the meeting on which Jahromi explained that some Iranian citizens in the border areas are unwittingly roaming on the Azerbaijani mobile network, which is also a reciprocal matter. Although this issue has been drastically reduced and managed up to a two-kilometer radius, there are approximately 180 villages in Ardebil province that are facing this problem, so we are working to reduce this capacity to prevent unwanted roaming costs to the public.

The high-ranking official noted that these were some of the issues that the two sides had to work on to resolve. Therefore, a joint working group was set up to carry out their work. At the meeting, the Azerbaijani side was tasked to act as quickly as possible to get this job done.


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