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On need to promote social trust, sense of contentment

Tehran, Nov 26, IRNA- Managing Director of the Islamic Republic News Agency Zia Hashemi in an article in Iran's newspaper on Tuesday profoundly analyzed recent unrest and underlined the need for social trust and content in dealing with such social dilemma.

The Iranian authorities and people both need to have an exact analysis of the recent situation and be well aware of its socioeconomic aspects. It´s also important to pay due attention to the the root causes of popular protests. These demonstrations are partly due to economic issues and partly to problems that the underprivileged classes are suffering from, Hashemi wrote in this article.  

According to the available data, the Iranian society’s underprivileged classes have always been prone to problems. These classes who are living in the suburb slums and in fragile urban areas, are not content enough with their economic welfare. 

They have problems that are rooted in their economic limits, lack of employment and concerns about rising inflation that should be paid attention to and tackled properly. Hence, it’s important that manager and experts discuss the socioeconomic aspects of the recent unrest that followed a sudden announcement of a sharp overnight rise in petrol prices. 

As a matter of the fact, authorities need to analyse well and recognize the popular demand and protest that was derailed by a number of ill-wishers.  

Of course, there were those who were following their malign objectives and destroyed public property and broke rules and norms that are in stark contrast to the country’s national interests. 

That said, the people’s voice needs to be heard as well. People’s demands need to be met by authorities. The recent demonstrations showed that officials should pay more attention the society’s less privileged classes. They should seize this opportunity and make social and economic policies based on experts’ ideas. prioritizing demands of those in need. Social knowledge helps us tackle such situations very well. Recent unrest showed us that authorities need to do much more to keep people content and confident. 

The government and other branches of power need to pay closer attention to this issue and take necessary measures in this regard. 

The government should plan to make more welfare for the underprivileged classes of the society. 

Iranian statesmen should known well that those covered by the Social Security Organisation and other entities are more vulnerable to economic hardships. 

Managers and officials who are in the middle of the political hierarchy need to be more connected with the ordinary people and actions speak louder than words. 

Should the nation feel that it can talk about its problems with authorities and hope that they be resolved, popular confidence will grow and social wealth increase. 

By Seyed Zia Hashemi 

IRNA Managing Director

Translation by Ali Dashti


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