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US sanctions "worse than war": UK Human rights activist

London, Nov 26, IRNA – Chairman of Islamic Human Rights Commission in the United Kingdom Massoud Shajareh said on Tuesday that economic sanctions is an example of injustice in the international community in the hands of the bullying states and oppressors paralyzing livelihood of the ordinary people.

Calling the economic sanctions "the bullying worse than a war", Massoud Shajareh said that the US and Israel use them to intimidate the world.

Shajareh said that sanctions should basically be a tool to make the oppressors to abide by the International Law, but it has unfortunately changed to a tool in the hands of the oppressors to cause injustice and collective punishment to put pressure on the ordinary people.

Reminding how Iraq was ruined by sanctions and 500,000 Iraqi children were killed, Shajareh said when Madeleine Albright, the former US Secretary of State during the US invasion of Iraq, was asked if the US sanctions on Iraq amounted to killing half a million Iraqi children, she answered, “This is a very hard choice, but, we think magnitude of human cost caused by US sanctions on Iraq is high."

Shajareh said that the livelihood of the ordinary people cannot be compared with anything for them. It's against justice that in Yemen the people are suffering from famine; sick children in Iran are also dying due to the sanctions and lack of medicines.

Shajareh said that sanctions are worse and more savage than direct military war, adding that death of 500,000 Iraqi children in a direct war with the US was highly unlikely.

He said after Donald Trump took office as the president of the US, Washington has repeatedly copped out of its international commitments and have recently said that Israel is unlawfully building settlements in the occupied lands in contravention of the UN resolutions.

"Gradually, the US is changing into an impediment to International Law."

The US does these things to support the Zionists to establish the apartheid in the Occupied Palestine. The US has also moved its embassy to the Holy Qods, he said.

The US behavior is so odd that one may think it is a nightmare. Even the countries that support the Zionist regime, such as the UK and EU members, cannot accept it, Shajareh said.

He added that the main priority of the US in the region is to "unconditionally" support the Israeli illegal occupation of Palestine, causing the Zionist regime's "uncontrollable behaviors" and has removed the mask and shown the real face of the US. No one can now claim that the US is an impartial player in that regard.

"No wonder that only 0.5% of the UN advice about the people of Palestine has been taken."

Regarding the lack of reactions in the international community to the US breaking the International Law, he said that  in the past there was some opposition seen on the part of the Non-Aligned Movement states and the Arab countries, but unfortunately, now even Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are considering the Israeli interests.


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