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Manama Summit; insisting on a failed experience against Iran

Tehran, Nov 25, IRNA - The Manama summit was held in the Bahraini capital as the United States continues to seek regional or global consensus against Iran despite repeated failures.

Despite being held trapped by Congress’ interrogation and the impeachment case, Trumps’ America continues to pursue hostile policies against the Iranian nation and seeks to isolate Iran in cooperation with its regional allies. In this regard, a meeting was hosted by Manama, which was attended by a representative of the Zionist regime.

Apparently, the subject of this meeting was shipping and aviation security and the prevention of arms smuggling in the Persian Gulf region, but its main purpose is to form a global consensus against Tehran, and in some ways it can be a continuation of the failed summit which was held in Warsaw.

By holding these meetings, US President Donald Trump is seeking to facilitate the process of normalizing Israeli relations with the Arab states and to speed up the implementation of the so-called delayed “The Deal of the Century”. Some observers in the region, however, believe that the Manama summit, which is being pursued in the larger context of the “The Deal of the Century”, is one of the main purposes of extortion from wealthy countries in the region.

On the sidelines of the meeting,  Under Secretary of Defense for Policy John. C. Rood and Saudi Sate Minister for Foreign Affairs Adil al-Jubair discussed Iran. The two sides also discussed regional security issues, including Yemen and confronting Iran. The details of the talks have not been released.

Adil al-Jubair, who has been dismissed from office for several months, while saying that Riyadh is not opposed to talks with Tehran, repeated his earlier claim of Iranian involvement in the attack on Aramco's oil facilities in the east. He reiterated a claim that apparently did not have serious evidence and was therefore not accepted by the international community. Al-Jubair has also said that the deterrent policy against Tehran should continue to prevent Iran from repeating such attacks.

Iranian foreign Minister spokesman Abbas Mousavi condemned the Bahraini government's anti-Iran actions in holding suspicious and provocative meetings, as well as the allegations levered in recent statements by the Bahraini foreign ministry against the Islamic Republic of Iran, noting such meetings as an act of disturbing the stability and security and the basis for the interference of trans-regional forces and the Zionist regime in the Persian Gulf region.

Mousavi also called on Bahraini authorities to halt unreasonable moves and take constructive approaches instead of playing a logistical role in holding such meetings, adding that the security of the countries in the region is indivisible and some security cannot be afforded at the expense of others. The countries of the region are expected to be are careful and cautious to prevent tense foreign intervention in the region.

The spokesman in response to baseless allegations made by some participants at the Manama Dialogue in Bahrain dismissed the accusations against Iran as inappropriate, saying that the countries that produced and promoted terrorism and extremism and violating the principle of good neighborliness, interfering in the internal affairs of others and weakening the security of the region by attracting foreign troops, cannot attribute self-created problems to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Significantly, at the Manama summit, serious regional issues such as the widespread Persian Gulf and Middle East crisis, the irrational escalation of US tensions against Tehran, the sale of billions of dollars of weapons to regional countries and the conversion of the Middle East into a stockpile of ammunition, inconclusive war against the Yemeni nation, Zionist occupation as the main Middle East's problem have not been mentioned.

Another noteworthy point is that the issue of shipping and maritime security cannot be unilaterally overlooked. In the last one or two weeks, efforts have been made to harm Iranian ships, which will in any case be identified and the one who will have doubt about Iran's determination and seriousness in defending itself which the overthrow of the American aggressive drone and the seizure of the English ship clearly demonstrated Tehran's determination.


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