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Spox: US seeking to trigger more tensions in Iran

Tehran, Nov 25, IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi on Monday emphasized that certain actions are underway to counter the US officials' interventions in recent unrest in Iran and said Iran"sees these statements and interventions not as a gesture of friendship and benevolence towards the Iranian nation, but as attempts to increase tensions and riots."

Talking in his Monday morning press briefing, Mousavi referred to the recent events in the country and said more unpleasant than these events were the interference of foreign countries which Iran strongly condemned.

He said Iran considered holding protests as a right for its people which is stipulated in the constitution, noting that the Iranian government has always recognized people's right for peaceful protests in a way that in recent years there have been similar protests where people have been protesting to certain issues and expressed their demands.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman further stated that the bunch of rioters and hooligans are different from the context of the protests.

He said many countries that intervened in Iran's internal affairs in recent days deliberately did it so they must take responsibility for their actions.

During the riots, he stressed, some terrorist groups took actions that are being investigated and dealt with by judiciary and security bodies.

He said Iran regarded the interventions of the US officials in Iran's recent incidents as another step on their part to exercise the optimum pressure scheme by the US government.

The spokesman further commented on the high number of exchange of diplomatic visits to and from Iran and said that in recent days the special representative of the Malaysian Premier as well as Pakistan's chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa travelled to Iran with the special envoy of the South Korean government scheduled to arrive in Tehran on Monday.

Turning to Yemen developments, he said Tehran rejected the opposition leveled by the Arab League about Iran's endorsing the new Yemeni ambassador because the government presently sitting in Sanaa was a lawful government which was also addressed by many countries including from Europe as well as the United Nations.

He went on to note that Iran slammed the presence of alien forces in the region and regarded it as the source tension and insecurity.

Mousavi said the scheme proposed by the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to the last United Nations Security Council meeting titled "Hormuz Peace Endeavour" would exactly serve the purpose of providing the regional security by member states. He said three countries have joined the initiative with the rest still considering it.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman also condemned the remarks made by the French Defense Minister about Iran and also the way Europe keeps changes stances towards the Iran nuclear deal.

Asked to comment on the visit of the Pakistani Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa to Iran, he said issues of mutual and regional interest were discussed during his stay in Tehran and noted that given Islamabad's good relations with Iran, Islamabad is interested in reducing tension in the regional specially among Islamic states.

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