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Rouhani says US stirs up tension and conflicts in Mideast

Tehran, Nov 14, IRNA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday that US stirs up tension and conflicts in the Middle East region.

President Rouhani made the remarks in the inaugural speech to the 33rd International Islamic Unity Conference opened in the Iranian capital this morning with participation of 350 world elites and figures from 93 countries.

Today, everyone in both region and the Muslim World have seen nothing from the world arrogance and the US, other than tension, massacre, bloodshed and conflict, the president said in his address to the conference.

Talking of the theme of the 33rd Islamic conference, Rouhani said that the International Conference will focus on the issue of Palestine and the holy Quds which are the main cause of the World of Islam.

Elites and scholars will not let the issue of Palestine be forgotten, President Rouhani stressed.

“For at least the last three decades, the US and the Zionist regime have been the source of every war, massacre and dispute in the region,” Rouhani said.

“The young generation should understand that the US is not, and will never be, regional nations and Muslims’ friend, and regional issues must be resolved by its own peoples.…, the Palestinians must return to their homeland."

It was clear to us that the US is an enemy of the Arab, Islam and Muslim peoples and that it does nothing to rescue Palestine and help the Palestinian people.

"When they clearly said that they are starting a fire in the region to sell modern weapons, it became clear to us that they wanted the region’s money to pour into their pockets and sell their weapons to be used for the killing of the region’s people.

"They have only brought suffering, killing and bloodshed to our region. Palestine must be liberated by the heroic Muslims of this region and Palestine.

"No foreign power has contributed to the independence and freedom of any Islamic country.

"We should move any doubt about the US hostility toward the Middle East nations. This does not mean that we want to go to a military confrontation with the United States, but, rather we believe that we have to stand up and confront the enemy depending on the situation; sometimes with words, sometimes with arms, and sometimes with resistance; but considering the enemy as friendly is a strategic mistake.

"Strategic mistake in the Muslim World is that some consider Israel as their friend. It is very unfortunate that some Islamic countries that have to stand up for the interests of the Muslim World and their nation extended the hand of friendship towards the occupying regime and even use its intelligence against the Muslim nations and the resistance movement," Rouhani added.


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