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Sattari: Iran, China provide mutual coop opportunities

Beijing, Nov 13, IRNA - Vice-President for Science and Technology Affairs Sorena Sattari Said China as a powerful hub in politics, economy and technology in the world and as Iran strategic partner has provided good opportunities for developing political and economic relations with Tehran, adding that Iran has also provided mutual cooperation opportunities for China.

"As a powerful political, economic, and technological hub at the global level, over the past few decades, China as Iran's strategic ally, has provided us with favorable opportunities to develop economic and political relations, and Iran has also tried to provide mutual cooperation opportunities to China relying on the existing entente between the two countries," Sattari said in his address to Iran-China trade conference held on the sidelines of the CHTF China Hi-Tech Fair.

The full text of Sattari's speech is as follows:

Your Excellencies, distinguished guests, ladies, and gentleman
Good evening

First and foremost, I would like to express my pleasure for being here today with you; Excellencies, Chinese and Iranian businessmen. It is an honor for me to be here in the beautiful city of Shenzhen with you Chinese people.

As the world's second most powerful economy, China has made significant advances in various fields of science, technology and innovation, and has benefited from its economic strength to invest in innovation and technology as best it could.

As a powerful political, economic, and technological hub at the global level, over the past few decades, China as Iran's strategic ally, has provided us with favorable opportunities to develop economic and political relations, and Iran has also tried to provide mutual cooperation opportunities to China relying on the existing entente between the two countries.

I hope that by the efforts of the authorities of the both countries, in the interest of the two nations of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the People's Republic of China, we will further expand and deepen the cooperation of the two countries in all fields.

Extensive cooperation between the two countries at various levels, especially in the field of science and technology, between the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology of the I.R. Iran and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, as well as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other important centers of science and technology, demonstrates the importance of technological interactions and emphasizes on strengthening and consolidation of the level of bilateral relations in this field.

I know that China has been able to move from a developing country to an innovative one via implementation a broad and coherent policies of science, technology and innovation. By means of investing in new technologies, technical know-how and reforming its domestic rules and regulations, the Chinese government has been succeeded in channeling innovation and technology capacity into high-tech companies through incentive policies and special facilities.

Practically, the China Special Economic Zones and Technology Parks projects were adopted and special projects were implemented, that resulting in the development of Shenzhen City as one of the major centers of innovation and technology in Asia and the world. Shenzhen has many potentials in high technology fields such as ICT, IoT, telecommunication industry, stem cell technology and digital economy. This is a great opportunity for knowledge-based companies in Iran to establish and develop business and technology cooperation with these industries.

As you are well aware, there are vast capacities in terms of science and technology in Iran; with regard to the changing discourse of the economy of the Islamic Republic of Iran as a transition from traditional and oil-based economy to the development of a knowledge-based economy, Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, has expanded the ecosystem of innovation and technology in Iran with the aim of evolving new business environment and entrepreneurship.

I would like to briefly talk about Iran's ecosystem of technology and innovation. As we all know, Iran has the largest reserves of oil and gas in the world, but that was not enough for us.

In recent years, we have witnessed significant growth in technology and innovation areas in our country. Iran's global rank in science production has risen from 34th to 16th and the first in the region.

The number of university students in Iran has increased from 2.4 million to 4.8 million, which puts Iran among the top five countries in terms of the number of graduate engineers.

Iran's ranking in the Global Innovation Index has also increased by 55 places over the past five years, and we have had an increasing growth in the development of advanced technologies such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, renewable energies, cognitive science, stem cells and ICT.

Through adoption of the Law of Protection of Knowledge Based Companies, Vice Presidency for Science and Technology has facilitated the business environment in Iran by using supporting leverages and various financial and legal facilities.

The result of this support has been the growth and development of entrepreneurship through technology and innovation, which has resulted in the creation of 120,000 direct job opportunities by knowledge-based and innovative companies.

As a result of the implementation of knowledge-based economy development policies in Iran, the size of knowledge-based economy in Iran has grown to over $ 11 billion, through the activity of 4700 knowledge-based companies and more than 500 creative and innovative ones.

On the other hand, another policy that has led to a dramatic change in the Iranian innovation system is the increasing role of startups in our economy.

The emergence of start-ups and innovative companies has provided an excellent opportunity for international cooperation in many different fields, including information and communication technology (ICT), health, biotechnology and industrial machinery and equipment.

The enormous capacities in different technologies in both countries can pave the way for the development of the joint ventures for large technology and innovative companies in the two countries in order to promote economic growth through joint production and supply of knowledge-based products in the international markets, more than before.

As well, in order to keep continuous and increasing communication between technology and innovation activists in Iran and China, the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology has set up five joint Iran-China technology centers in the field of nanotechnology, medical equipment and other areas in Suzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

These offices are aimed to provide and facilitate cooperation among Chinese and Iranian knowledge-based companies.

In this regard, my presence here as the Vice President for Science and Technology of His Excellency, Iranian President with 70 technology companies in various fields such as stem cells, ICT, engineering services, digital economy and chemicals, represents the importance of this journey and our motivation.

I would like to outline some of the attractive areas for joint venture as well as market access opportunities, here.

Today, in Iran, more than 89 percent of the population has access to the Internet, which provides a valuable opportunity for the communication industries. In this regard, the largest e-commerce platform in the Middle East, Digikala, operates in Iran, accounting for over 90% of the online retail market.

More than 1,000 suppliers and 11,000 retailers make more than $ 3 million a day. Imagine what a great opportunity for Chinese manufacturers and technology companies to enter this retail market through this Iranian technology company.

Today, people in Russia, Turkey and some other countries in the Middle East are being treated with Iranian biotechnology drugs for cancer and inflammatory diseases.

In addition to supplying the needed biotechnology drugs in the country, CinnaGen Pharmaceutical Group has the ability to design, manufacture and equip biotechnology pharmaceutical lines in other countries.

Its technologies have been exported to Turkey, Syria, Southeast Asia and Latin America, and new cooperation are about to be formed with European countries. Also Cell Tech Pharma Company that attends this meeting, is capable to treat five incurable diseases by stem cell therapy in the country.

This achievement is unparalleled in West Asia and there is no similar company in the Middle East to compete this company.

In Iran, several companies are active in production of organic and biological agricultural inputs, and researches are conducting to produce Amino Acids, probiotics and plant and Animal Livestock Breeding in Iranian research centers and institutes.

More than 10% of Iran's oil and non-oil exports are related to technology-based products and services, and since Iran has the largest trade with China, it is expected that the two countries taking major steps in the field of technology trade.

Given Iran's productive interactions in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region, on one hand, and considering China's widespread presence in export target markets, on the other hand, the cooperation between the two countries on expanding export target markets can help Iranian and Chinese companies in order to promote their trade.  

My dear friends,

I should emphasize here that relying on its capabilities, the Islamic Republic of Iran is trying to establish dynamic and constructive relations and cooperation on a global level.

In this regard, extensive cooperation with China is of a great importance to us. My deputy Mr. Ghalenoei will provide you with more information about the companies accompanied us to this business meeting.

I hope today's event and B2B meetings between Iranian and Chinese technology companies will become a turning point in bilateral economic and commercial cooperation, and in this line, the Iranian government completely supports joint cooperation programs between the two countries’ companies for technology and market development.

Thank you all for your kind attention


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