Nov 7, 2019, 11:09 PM
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Europeans should pay for maintaining JCPOA

London, Nov 7, IRNA – UK Ambassador in London Hmid Baeidinejad described Iran's fourth nuclear step as wake-up call for saving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), saying that the Europeans should pay for preserving the deal.

In a meeting attended by representatives of the main British dailies and media outlets at the venue of Iran's Embassy in London, he said that if some parties fail to fulfill their commitments, the deal will not be able to continue unilaterally.

Despite Iran and some other parties' efforts, JCPOA has not been able to get back to its normal course of implementation, he said, adding, "Iran has adopted an awakening policy in a bid to force the parties to find a solution for getting out of the current bad situation."

It has been a long time since the implementation of Iran's unilateral commitment to the JCPOA and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has so far verified Iran's compliance with the deal as many as 14 times, but the other parties have not fulfilled their parts as of now, he said.

Iran's exit from JCPOA can mark the end of JCPOA, but Iran is not willing to collapse the deal, Baeidinejad said, noting that Iran has instead adopted a policy to warn the opposing party and give time for it to start doing its part under the deal.

Iran's reduction of commitments which has been approved by the country's top brass will continue once every two months until desirable results are achieved but the opportunity will not be unlimited, he said.

However, he contended, all the measures are reversible and they will be stopped as soon as the other parties return to the deal.

"Today (Thursday), Iran took fourth step in line with reducing its commitments which pertains to Fordow installations where as many as 1,000 centrifuges were working without gas but Iran has decided to inject gas to them," he said.

With all these measures, Iran intends to save the deal from collapse, he reiterated.

Referring to holding Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Conference in New York next year, he said that failure of the JCPOA will surely lead to undermining NPT.

The US exit from JCPOA was a tool to pressure Iran and damage its economy, he said, noting that the wrong imagination by the US will harm NPT.

At the end, he hoped that Iran's new nuclear step would be an wakening message to the remaining parties as well as global community.

Asked if Iran's message is aimed at getting the US back to the JCPOA, he said that it has withdrawn from the deal and is not a member of the deal anymore.

"Currently, we mainly mean the EU to fulfill their commitments under the deal and our fellow party is not Washington; rather it is the EU. But the fact that it should coordinate with the US to fulfill its commitments or not is not our problem, Baeidinejad said.

In addition to the three European states UK, Germany and France, the EU has also signed the deal, he said, adding that it is not good for them to admit that they have no control over their economic and  commercial priorities as well as national security and cannot fulfill their commitments without the US permission.

Responding a question on possibility of talks with the US, he slammed the US antagonistic policies against Iran, saying that Washington, in its vain delusion, wants to target Iran's economy and society and until the time the illusion prevails, talks with the US is impossible.

The US does not mean to settle crisis; rather it wants to tell the other nations that it managed to make Iran surrender and bring it to the negotiating table.

Describing the US policies as insincere, he said that until the time it is not alter its policy regarding Iran and not return to the deal, talks with it will be unlikely.


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