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Iran envoy warns against consequences of JCPOA collapse

London, Nov 6, IRNA – Iranian Ambassador to London Hamid Baeidinejad said Iran is reducing its commitments under the nuclear deal to give warning to other sides over the dangerous consequences of the JCPOA total collapse.

Speaking in an interview with ‘Sky News’, Baeidinejad said: “We are doing this because we want to salvage the nuclear deal from total collapse because in fact the other sides have not been able to live up with their obligations and Iran is resorting to certain actions to ensure that this deal would not be totally collapse.”

“We are reducing some of our commitments to give warnings to other sides that this situation cannot be continued and urged them to completely agree to implement their shares of commitments.”

**Uranium enrichment

Elaborating on Iran’s decision to enrich uranium, Iranian diplomat said: “There could be three scenarios when the other parties are not implementing their shares of commitments either we should be silent about this situation and we would continue our obligations regardless of the situation that the other parties are not implementing their shares of commitments that scenario is not a sustainable situation.”

“The second scenario is that Iran would be withdraw from the deal and totally abandon the deal which would be leading to a total collapse,” he added

He went on to say: “The third scenario is that Iran would be reducing its obligations in response to the total lack of implementation of the commitments from other sides so we are trying to ensure that the JCPOA would not be in total collapse and hopefully the other side would be back to implementing their shares of commitments.”

In response to a question whether Iran is open to negotiate with US on the nuclear deal and also on its ballistic missiles, Baeidinejad said: “We believe that in fact renegotiation of a deal would lead to a collapse of the nuclear deal in its totality.”

“We should abide by the agreement that which has been adopted after intensive years of negotiations and we should be backing to the implementing of our commitments.”

“We don’t think that this is a reliable solution that we would renegotiate such a deal which in our view would be leading to another sets uncertainties,” he reiterated.

Baeidinejad said:” In fact we negotiated with the Americans through intensive talks that we have had in fact during the Vienna process so we would be ready to see what are the problems on the condition that the United States would be back to the nuclear deal and in fact try to reassure the other parties that they are in fact ready to implement their shares of commitments.”

“No country can in fact be pressurized to negotiations,” he stressed adding: “Negotiations should be on the normal situation with a view to resolve the issue so the United States want to pressurize Iran to accept to negotiate on their forced terms which is not possible.”

“Iran is a party which has been complying with its commitments would be ready in fact to sit with all other parties to resolve the remaining issues but all parties should be committing and implement fully their obligations.”

Commenting on the recent claims made by the US with regard to attacks on Saudi oil installations, he said: “We see these as accusations and unfounded in fact accusations are leveling against Iran and this is not new to us but the question is that these are separate issues we have negotiated on nuclear deal to resolve the nuclear issue.”

“Of course Iran would be the first country to be ready to discuss the regional issues and we have submitted in fact a proposal to the United Nations to initiate a Hormuz Peace Plan which would be engaging all countries in the region for a dialogue and cooperation on security and peace issues.”

When asked by ‘Sky News’ reporter whether Iran would go further in its new decisions, pressurized said: “It depends on other parties we have determined that in fact we want to salvage the nuclear deal and these measures that Iran is adopting is exactly trying to urge the other sides that they should in fact living up with their obligations.”

“But the salvage of the nuclear deal which is very important issue for Iran we hope that the other parties also would be valuing in fact similarly and if that would be determination by all parties I think we have a quick solution because the measures that Iran would be adopting are all reversible,” he added.

For much of the interview Iranian ambassador referred to measures taken by Iranian government to improve economic situation, saying: “Our economy is doing much better comparing to the last year which in fact the sanctions were imposed against Iran.”

“We are regaining our full confidence in being able to recover our economy and we are at the right track so we would not be negotiating under these circumstances and we would not negotiate under forced measures by the United States or maximum pressure as they call it,” he noted.


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