Nov 5, 2019, 2:05 PM
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Iran to reduce commitments if EU fails to abide by JCPOA

Tehran, Nov 5, IRNA – Advisor to the Leader on International Affairs Ali Akbar Velayati told Arabic France 24 that Iran will definitely take the fourth step of reducing commitments to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action unless Europe and the US fulfill their commitments.

Iran expected France, which was present in all stages of the negotiations, to be loyal to its commitments, but France, like the US and Germany, didn’t honor its commitments to the JCPOA, said Ali-Akbar Velayati.

Velyati said that they have not done their commitments, but, they conduct in a way as if Iran should be responsive to them. They said that Iran should not have a presence in its own region and should not have any tools of defense, which is an illogical demand.

He criticized France and the other states parties to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action have resorted to political and propaganda campaign to pretend that they seek peace in the Middle East.     

Iran's experience shows that the three European signatories to the JCPOA – France, Germany, and the United Kingdom – do not fulfill their commitments, but, at the same time they took actions in harmony with US sanctions on Iran.

Regarding Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan's visit to Iran and Saudi Arabia to bring thaw in relations between the two countries, he said that Iran needs no mediators for having ties with the regional countries. Iran is always open for talks with countries of the region, but the Saudis need to answer why they have carried heavy air strikes against Yemen to kill tens of thousands of women and children.

He said that the people of Yemen should decide their own fate. No country has the right to interfere with the Yemen national affairs.   

Answering a question about expanding ties with the United Arab Emirates, he said Iran's doors are open to talks with the regional states. But their words and actions should be the same. They can't say they want peace and then attack another country.  

Regarding Iran's stances about Iraq and Lebanon, Velayati said that Tehran doesn’t interfere in the affairs of any countries; Tehran accepts whatever the democratically-elected governments of the states decide.

There is no doubt that the US, the Zionists, and some other countries try to interfere in Lebanon and Iraq and spoil the legitimate demands of the people.


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