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Iran always ready to engage with its neighbors

The people of our region with diversified religion, culture, and ethnicity, have common interests and deserve a peaceful and friendly life together. The suffering of the people of each country in the region is distressing to other countries and should not destabilization or bloodshed in one country to make others happy.

Last week, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said, "We are always ready to engage and dialogue with our neighboring countries." These remarks have been made by the country's top officials vis-à-vis neighbors in days that the Middle East is facing turbulence, unrest, and violence. Recognizing that regional disasters are entirely due to the presence and interference of foreigners in the region, Iran has sought to cooperate with its neighbors to cut foreigners off the region.

The foreigners have always sought to create divisions and crises in the region to catch their fish in muddy water. Over the past years, they have created groups such as al-Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS, and other extremist organizations to achieve their illicit goals in line with the Greater Middle East Project. US officials, including Trump, have repeatedly confessed to establishing these extremist groups. These groups have had an expiration date, and have either eliminated or renamed by the US and started a new mission for the United States. Al-Qaeda is the most prominent group in this field, which has presented its services in other countries in addition to Afghanistan.

Some regional countries have also been instrumental in promoting insecuritization projects with the financial and moral support of such terrorist groups. What has led some regional countries to support such terrorist groups is the ambition of their inexperienced young leaders, which has led to the spread of violence and victimization in various countries, including Syria, Iraq and Yemen. In some cases, the Iranophobia policy of enemies in the region has led its leaders to lose their ways and embark on the orders of Western countries such as the US and the Zionist regime.

In any case, it seems that the region is saturated by the crisis, insecurity, bloodshed, and poverty caused by war and the US sanctions and its allies and has no room for more suffering. In such circumstances, it is appropriate that the residents, and leaders of the region, respond positively to Iran's benevolent and repeated invitations, not to leave the region any longer in insecurity and bloodshed. Insecurity is not in the interest of any of the countries in the region, and spreading it further will cause heavy losses for everyone.

Keep in mind that the people of our region have a common interest in diversity, religion, culture, and ethnicity and deserve a peaceful and friendly life together. Iran is unhappy for the suffering of the people of the region, especially in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, and is seeking to alleviate all the suffering of the people of the region. This can be achieved with the participation of all countries in the region, and the path to achieving this is clear. Abandoning ambitions and not pursuing the policies of the foreigners will be the first effective step in this direction; the participation of all countries in peaceful and confidence-building arrangements will be another step in this direction. Dialogue between countries opens the way for such arrangements.

Based on this believe the Iranian authorities have openly and repeatedly declared to all statesmen and neighbors that the Iranians are open to the countries of the region and are ready to engage in dialogue with all neighboring countries, to develop a fraternal and confidence-building atmosphere and welcomes any step for the reduction of tensions and an understanding between the countries of the region. The hope is that our neighbors, especially those in the Persian Gulf region, will recognize that maintaining security in the region is the duty of the countries in the region and that they will never find better friend and partner than Iran if they seek peace, stability, and peace.

By: Saeed Mohammadi

Translated by: Hamed Shahbazi

Edited by: Hamid Shamlou


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