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Mashhad; Iran's most popular religious tourist destination
Mashhad; Iran's most popular religious tourist destination

Tehran, Oct 28, IRNA – Mashhad is the second most populous city in Iran and is the capital of Khorasan-e Razavi province and is one of the most important religious and historical tourism destinations of Iran.

Mashhad is located in northeastern Iran and is close to the borders of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan. Mashhad is 900 km away from Tehran, the capital of Iran.

It used to be the major oasis along the ancient Silk Road and also the capital of Iran during the Afsharid dynasty. Mashhad is one of the most famous cities in Iran which witnesses the most number of tourists. Every year, almost 345,000 people visit this city.

It is mostly known as a religious city because many tourists come to visit the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (AS), the eighth Imam of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Infallible Household. However, there are many other great tourist attractions in Mashhad.

Mashhad If a religious city is known to Muslims, the presence of the Church of Saint Mesrop Church in this city is a sign of Muslim friends and a group of Christians living in this city.
The abundance of luxury hotels, traditional hotels and relatively cheap hotels in Mashhad has made it easy for domestic and foreign tourists to stay in this city.

Mashhad International Airport is one of the most convenient airports in Iran, and thousands of passengers daily arrive in Mashhad through this airport, while many Mashhad passengers travel to the city by train, bus or private car.

If you would like to travel to Mashhad, Mashhad travel guide can help you have a better trip to this city. Here is all you need to know about Mashhad.

*** Mashhad Tourist Attraction

*** Imam Reza Shrine Complex

Ali ibn Moosa (Ali the son of Moosa) known as Reza is of descendants of Muhammad, the holy prophet of Islam, cherished by the Muslims of the whole world for his high spiritual levels and importance whom born in Medina and moved to Tous in Iran after the order of Ma'mūn, the seventh Abbasid caliph, when the most significant part of Imam Reza’s life regarding his political and religious role initiates and conclude by his martyrization.

The Imam Reza Shrine Complex dominates the city center. It requires several visits to appreciate its magnificence. It is the largest mosque in the world with seven massive courtyards and a total area of six hundred thousand square meters. Intricate blue tile work and Arabic calligraphy on iwans and minarets hypnotize travelers and a stunning golden dome stands proudly above the shrine itself. Goharshad Mosque is among the famous attractions inside the complex.

This historic architectural complex accompanies unique and distinctive ethics and rituals to be known as an inseparable heritage of the complex and the complicated culture of its wider setting. In fact, the genuine values of the heritage associates not only with its magnificent architecture and structural system but also with all the rituals, all together implicating the unique spiritual spirit of Imam Reza (AS).

*** Ferdowsi’s Tomb

Ferdowsi is one of the most famous Iranian poets and the writer of the well-known Shahnameh. His tomb is located in a beautiful garden 20 kilometers north of Mashhad in the ancient city of Tous.

The tomb’s architecture is inspired from the Achaemenid times. There is a museum and a library near the Tomb which have been built to educate visitors on the Ferdowsi and his works.

As one of the most popular places to visit in Mashhad, this great poet’s tomb attracts over a million visitors every year.

*** Naderi Museum

The Naderi Museum exhibits armors and weapons from the time of Nader Shah’s rule. It also has the tomb of Nadershah and Mohammad Taghi Khan Pasian (the ruler of Khorasan at the time) inside.

Nader Shah Afshar is among the few post-Islamic Iranian kings who made an attempt for Iran’s independence and solidarity and was successful in doing that. 
The Tomb of Nader Shah is a monument in Naderi Garden Museum in Mashhad which was designed and built by Hooshang Seyhoun in order to commemorate Nader Shah. 
The 6.5-meter-high bronze sculpture of Nader Shah mounted on a horse alongside 3 foot soldiers standing next to the horse was built in Rome, Italy; then it was transferred to Mashhad and placed on its pedestal. The sculpture was designed by Abolhasan Seddighi, and its bronzing was done in Berotti Factory in Italy.

*** Professor Bazima Scientific Park

 One of the most important tourist attractions in Mashhad is the Professor Bazima Science Park, an exciting theme park which will change your concept of scientific attractions by taking you into a whole new world.

With a surface area of 2400 square meters, the theme park is designed very differently. It is Iran’s first and the world’s third such scientific park where you can journey into the human body.

The Professor Bazima Scientific Park is an ideal educational center for people who are interested in science. Travel to Mars, study a gyroscope, look at the solar system and partake in the Biology Academy in this creative scientific park.

**** Shandiz Village

The serene Shandiz recreational village is one of the special places to visit in Mashhad. If you ride 38 kilometers west of Mashhad, you will come across an area that is filled with rivers, valleys, and tall plane, cottonwood, and Eastern Redbud trees echoing the chirping of birds. This is the Shandiz recreational village, beautiful like a scene cut out of a painting.

If you feel hungry, the Padideh Shandiz restaurant will serve both Iranian and international dishes. The Shandiz souvenir shop is also a great place to shop for local gifts and souvenirs.

*** Mashhad Special Foods

The other thing we should add to the Mashhad travel guide is its delicious food and the best restaurants. No trip can be completed without tasting traditional foods, especially in a country like Iran.

Travelers to Mashhad should try mixed rice, which is also known as Istanbuli rice that consists of rice, meat, onion, green peas, and carrots. However, different chefs might add different spices to this dish. The other popular local cuisine in Mashhad is called “Sholeh”.

It is mostly served in funerals but is great traditional food in Mashhad. “Eshkene Ghourout” is another popular traditional food in Mashhad which is made by mixing whey, onion, and walnut. Therefore, not only it is a delicious cuisine, but also very nutritious.


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