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Confidence building key to resolving crisis between Lebanese gov't, nation

Beirut, Oct 22, IRNA - A Lebanese political analyst, referring to people's protests and some calls for the government's resignation, noted that the current crisis is due to public distrust and confidence-building is the main solution to problems in the country.

Hassam Matar, a Lebanese university professor and political expert, told IRNA on Tuesday that due to the magnitude of the demonstrations that reflect the depth of the crisis in Lebanon and the financial and economic problems of the people, it cannot be said that the next days the protests will come to an end; the intensity of the demonstrations may subside due to lack of support from the parties and political powers, but it will not end because the people have become frustrated with the performance of the officials, and this demonstrates their real suffering.

The problem is that the crisis today is not just economic and financial, but political, too, meaning that most or all of the demonstrators have no confidence in the current government or the majority of its members, and most members of the government for many years have caused a crisis in the country so how can they be trusted?

He also said about the economic reforms proposed by Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, which was approved by the cabinet yesterday and noted that these reforms are a good introduction and are a breakthrough in some issues, but there is a fundamental problem of public mistrust. It means that the government has not gained the people's trust and this is a problem that needs to be resolved.

Matar pointed to some demands for the government's resignation, and said that this is difficult to fulfill now because we have to ask who will lead the formation of the new government and who will participate in the new government?"

In this regard, the issue of holding new parliamentary elections has been raised, which also requires a great deal of time, which is to jump to the unknown. The resignation of the government in this sensitive situation is a risk, so it can be argued that a moderate solution should be taken, namely not to keep the government in its current form, nor to dissolve it, but to bring in some decent people into the cabinet, and make a slight change in government.


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