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Trump’s green light to Erdogan against normal decision-making protocols

New York, Oct 18, IRNA- Editor-in-Chief of the "Inside Arabia" Elizabeth Myers believes that green light to Turkey to go into Syria as a decision made by the US to leave the area followed none of the normal decision-making protocols.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA, the senior journalist answered the question “What are President Trump's views on allowing Turkey to attack northern Syria?”

She noted that “Trump’s phone call with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as confirmed by the White House press secretary’s later statement, gave Turkey the green light to go into Syria.  He knew that Turkey was going to initiate an operation into its neighbor, and he let them do it. All I conclude from that and his later comments to the effect that Turkey, Europe, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Russia, and the Kurds will now “have to figure the situation out” is that he doesn’t really care too much. Trump is more focused right now on pleasing his electoral base and being re-elected, without concern for the consequences.

Referring to justifications made by Turkey and the message of invading Syria for the region and the entire world, Myers went on to say that people can always try to justify actions on whatever basis is convenient. In this case, Turkey claims its actions are justified as protecting its sovereign territory and border security. However, under international law, using airstrikes and missiles to clear a border security zone twenty miles into the territory of another country is not justifiable.

“It can be considered an act of war. Especially when Turkish airstrikes are indiscriminately bombing civilian villages and civilian convoys, and killing journalists, on the pretext that they are shielding ISIS or Kurdish insurgents. Not to mention how closely some of the strikes have come to hitting US military personnel still on the ground.”, the analyst reiterated.

IRNA asked, “Why have Turkey and the United States made decisions at this time that the United Nations and other influential countries are trying to resolve the crisis through the political process?”

The Editor-in-Chief of "Inside Arabia" made the remark that “I don’t view this as a decision made by the US. It followed none of the normal decision-making protocols. It was a surprise decision made unilaterally by the American President in a Tweet shortly after a phone call with Erdogan in which he was snookered and out-negotiated. And now the US government and military are trying to respond to it and clean up the mess.”

Pointing to what changes are taking place in the geopolitical and geographical context of the region, the top journalist highlighted, “The power dynamics in the region are changing significantly. This surprise withdrawal marks a major shift in US policy. The US effectively abandoned the Kurds who have been the US’s principal ally in fighting ISIS. The entire international community has condemned it as a reckless decision that will result in a resurgence in the region by ISIS. When you create chaos in a region by undermining even precarious stability, undoubtedly someone will come in to take advantage of it, and that is what Turkey has done, forcing the Kurds to turn to other regional players for support?”

Myers stated that "it is not clear at this stage that Turkey and the Syrian army to fight against each other and the war will be renewed in the new stage."

Elsewhere in her interview, the journalist noted that "repression and suppression never lead to peace or security. The vacuum now left by the US along with Turkey’s violent military incursion into its neighboring country to quell the Kurds will only lead to more uncertainty, violence, and terrorism, and possibly American casualties as there are still some US forces there on the ground."

She said: "Turkish strikes came perilously close to them over the weekend, precipitating Trump’s empty threats, in his “great and unmatched wisdom,” as he put it, of what will most likely be ineffective US sanctions on the Turkish economy. “I only see an escalation of the violence ahead, possibly for decades, as the US has just handed over control of a volatile region to a ruthless autocrat.”

“Diplomatic efforts and a strategic and cohesive foreign policy are the best measures to avert this self-induced crisis that could easily lead to another major in the region that is not in anyone’s interest,” the top journalist stated.

Myers concluded that “Trump made an election campaign promise in 2016 that he would withdraw US troops from these ridiculous endless wars as he calls them. To be doing so now is critical for his election campaign as he is watching more and more that the Republican party is splitting on its support for him, other Republicans are announcing their own candidacy for President of the United States, and the election interference campaign he tried to effectuate in Ukraine against Joe Biden is being exposed daily by Congress hearings.”


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