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US withdrawal from JCPOA strengthened Iran’s resolve to fight back: Pak analyst

Islamabad, Oct 18, IRNA – A senior Pakistani analyst says the decision by the Trump administration to withdraw from the nuclear deal (JCPOA) with Iran and imposition of sanctions has strengthened Islamic Republic’s resolve to fight back with a boomerang effect for the US.

Malik Muhammad Ashraf in his article published in daily ‘The Nation’ on Friday said probably President Trump has also come to realize the dangers unfurled by his unimaginative and foolish move to wriggle out of the nuclear deal and the burgeoning conflict in the Middle East.

“That is why he asked Prime Minister Imran Khan during his visit to the US to act as a go between US and Iran,” he said.

He noted similar request was made to him by the Saudi Crown Prince when he visited Saudi Arabia before embarking on a visit to US to address the UN General Assembly.

Analyst added the trust reposed by Saudi Arabia and the US President in PM Imran Khan to defuse the situation is indeed reflective of Pakistan’s importance as a stakeholder in the regional peace and its indispensable status as a facilitator of the possible interface between the leaders of the parties to the conflict.

He added the task is very arduous and complex as also admitted by Imran Khan himself in an interview with CNN before leaving for Saudi Arabia after his visit to Iran but it is worth the effort.

However he said indeed it is a very tricky proposition but say nothing is impossible if there is a genuine will to move ahead.

Malik Muhammad Ashraf was of the view that Pakistan’s friendship with Iran and Saudi Arabia enabled it to play a role in defusing tensions between the two on many occasions successfully.

He noted Pakistan tried to mediate between Iran and Iraq during 8-year imposed war and it was due to its efforts that an ice-breaking meeting between the late Saudi King Abdullah and the then Iranian President Hashemi Rafsanjani took place on the sidelines of OIC summit in Islamabad in 1997.

The expert added in the Yemen war Pakistan maintained its neutrality as per its foreign policy and refused sending troops to Yemen.

He noted that keeping in view the historic role that Pakistan has played in defusing tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia it can be hoped that the current efforts by Prime Minister Imran Khan though may not lead to ironing out the deep-rooted historic differences between the two countries but would surely meet with success in de-escalating the threatening situation in the Middle East like in the past.

“If Pakistan as a result of its efforts also succeeds in bringing about dialogue between US-Iran and Iran-Saudi Arabia it would be a great diplomatic achievement by her which would also strengthen its credentials as a peace- broker and peace loving nation,” he viewed.


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