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Shamkhani: Middle East safer without US

Tehran, Oct 14, IRNA – Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani published a commentary on Monday saying that the US current Administration is fully aware that, for any reason, they no longer have the instruments of a superpower at hand and that return to their heyday is quite impossible.

The full text of Ali Shamkhani analysis follows:

Three explicit comments on the part of the US officials in the past two months show that some facts have been unveiled to the US Administration was not brave enough to admit before.

           1. After Yemen targeted Aramco Oil Company by drones and the Saudis pressured the US to react against that, Washington openly turn them down and said it was Saudi Arabia that was hit, not the US.

           2. Following the train of political and military defeats the US suffered in the region, it was announced that the eight trillion dollars the US spent in the region has had no outcomes and has been a folly.

           3. In recent days, after Turkey attacked northern Syria and the US turned its back on its allies, Washington confessed that they had started a bloody war in Iraq on the flimsy pretext of weapons of mass destruction and that falling into the trap in the Middle East as the worst decision made in the history of the United States.

It seems that the the US Administration has learned it the hard way that balance of power and the political geometry of the world have changed, especially in the heart of the world, i.e. the Middle East. They also realized that the US, even with all the voluminous propaganda, can no longer claim that they are the masters of the international affairs.

The US has realized that it only has two paths to opt for:

           1. It has to spend a plenty amount of money to keep the false face of a world power; or,

           2. It can take up a realistic approach and accept the facts on the ground and free itself from the huge costs of the divulged show.

In other words, the governing body of the US has realized that, for any reason, they no longer have the instruments of a superpower at hand and that return to their heyday is quite impossible.

Their inefficiency in their implementing strategic projects of "Disintegrating the Middle East", "Deal of the Century", "regime change in Iran", "the Saudis' gendarme", "Yemen War", "Afghanistan's peace" and "the Humanitarian Crisis in Syria".

The bitter, but instructive, confessions made by the US authority got many of the West Asian countries, even those who paved the way for and hosted the Americans, confess that "the Middle East is safer without the US."

Translated by: H. Abolqasemi

Edited by: Safar Sarabi


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