Oct 12, 2019, 4:17 PM
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Trump's shift policy in Syria: US Prof.

Oct 12, 2019, 4:17 PM
News ID: 83514033
Trump's shift policy in Syria: US Prof.

Tehran, Oct 12, IRNA – An American Academician Shireen Hunter said on Saturday that US President Donald Trump prefers to replace the US troopers with forces from other countries such as Turkey in Syria to keep weight equal on the Iranian and Russian forces.

One of the reasons that Turkey has invaded northern Syria is their security concern on the current status of the Kurds, told Shireen Hunter, a researcher at the International Relations of Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

Turkey is worried about any development that may lead to establishment of an independent Kurdish government, Ankara even opposes to formation of autonomous Kurdish territories inside countries with a Kurdish population, she said in an interview with IRNA. 

Since the Syrian Kurds have some cooperation with the separatist Kurdish groups in Turkey, Ankara worries that if they succeed in gaining independence or autonomy, the issue may be driven into Turkey.   

The other reason for the attack is that Ankara wants to weaken the role of Kurds in Syria, the expert in Middle Eastern issues added that Turkey is unhappy with the presence of Iran and Russia in Syria.

She said Turkey is still discontent with Bashar al-Assad's remaining in power and may want to create more challenges for Damascus through such moves.

Regarding Washington's approach in dealing with the issue, Hunter said Trump wants to pull out at least a group of American soldiers from the west Asian countries before the election. At the same time, he doesn't want his moves to strengthen Assad's supporters, like Iran and Russia, she said. 

He also prefers to replace the US forces with forces from other countries such as Turkey in Syria to make weighing balance with the Iranian and Russian forces, the academician said. 

Answering a question about US approach toward the Kurds, The Georgetown University professor told IRNA that the US and other powers have used the Kurds as tools at different juncture; and when it will be necessary, the US will cooperate with Kurds to save its interests. But the Kurds have always repeated their mistake; they do not understand the importance of Turkey for the US and others western countries, so they easily turn into tools for them.  

Regarding the possibility that the Kurds may get closer to Iran and Russia, or even the Syrian Government, she said the decision of the US and Turkey has put the Kurds in a bad condition. Their approaching to other active countries in Syria would not be easy and their approaching to Damascus depends on what privileges Assad will give them.

Considering the severe enmity of Turkey with Kurds and the fact that the Western countries are not willing to support them, their best choice is to reach an agreement with the other countries who play active role in Syria to get some incentives, she said.    

Regarding Iran's and Russia's reactions to this invasion, she said that both Iran and Russia need Turkey. That’s why their reactions were mild. But it is clear that Ankara's move has put both countries in a harsh situation. 

She added that Iran and Russia continue their support to President al-Assad. In the mean time, they want to have good ties with Turkey as well, but Ankara is severely against Bashar al-Assad.


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