Russian analyst hails Iran's initiative of Hormuz Peace Endeavor

Moscow, Oct 9, IRNA – Director of Moscow-based Center for Energy and Security Studies Anton Khlopkov said on Wednesday that that the Hormuz Peace Endeavor proposed by Iran to the UN General Assembly is realistic and can improve energy security in the world.

He made the remarks in an interview with IRNA.

Iran's realistic proposition should be supported by both the suppliers and consumers of energy of the region, said Anton Khlopkov, elaborating on the Iranian initiative for providing security for navigation of ships in Hormuz Strait and oil tankers in the Persian Gulf.

Khlopkov said that contrary to certain countries, Iran doesn’t try to destabilize the region. It tries to solve the issues at the negotiating table.

The head the Russian Center for Energy and Security Studies added that the HOPE proposed by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at the United Nations General Assembly in New York last September was favored by the Russian Government.

Regarding the five-year long invasion of Yemen by the Saudis and its allies, he said that the war has killed thousands of people and is now the main source of discord in the region and that the war should come to an end soon.  

He also said that one formula should be found to restore peace in Yemen. Countries should help the UN to provide security and peace in Yemen.

According to the UN Charter, the Saudis and their allies shouldn’t have invaded Yemen. They should let the Yemenis themselves to solve their domestic issues.

Khlopkov added that considering the fact that the wars in the Middle East have been originated by Washington, so that foreign forces, especially the US troops should leave the Persian Gulf.

He reiterated that the security plans of Iran and Russia for the Persian Gulf waterway have a lot of common grounds and that Tehran and Moscow can be effectively cooperative in the field.

Iran's Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad-Javad Zarif detailed the HOPE and urged other countries to join it in the UNGA meeting that was chaired by his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.

Addressing a meeting of United Nations Security Council on 'UN Cooperation with Regional Organizations', Zarif called on all countries of the region to join the HOPE presented by President Rouhani.

"The Initiative is based on the fact that all regional states are duty-bound to ensure peace, stability and prosperity in the region. They along with the global community have common interests in maintaining freedom of navigation and transfer of energy," he said.


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