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Arab daily believes Iran leading new Mideast

Tehran, Oct 5, IRNA – A senior Middle East analyst wrote in the trans-regional Arabic-language newspaper Raialyoum that Iran slapped hard on the face of President Donald Trump by turning down his offer to hold talks with the United States.

Abdel Bari Atwan wrote in Raialyoum that Iran is now in the position of power and sees no reason to concede to Washington's demands, adding, "In fact, we face a new Middle East led by Iran."

The article, published on Thursday, wrote that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani declined to talk on the phone with President Trump although their French counterpart Emmanuel Macron had tried hard to mend fences between Tehran and Washington, which was a hard slap on the face of Trump and showed that Tehran has succeeded to change the Middle East. Now, Tehran leads the Middle East not Washington.

The phone call was supposed to be made on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, but Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has prohibited any kind of contact or meetings with the Americans because they had insulted Iran by withdrawing from the internationally-accepted Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and restoring the sanctions.

There are some reasons why Ayatollah Khamenei thinks so and that Iran can make the US and others accept its conditions:

One, the sanctions of the US on Iran have not worked and Iran's oil sale to Turkey, China, India, and some other countries is still going on.

Two, the Supreme Leader of Iran believed that the US is so afraid that they will not make a military attack on Iran to revenge their RQ4 drone shot down by Iran or to defend their allies, e.g. Saudi Arabia.

Three, all the enemies of Iran are fighting severe crises. Saudi Arabia's Aramco was targeted; Yemen captured thousands of their mercenaries and forces in Najran and killed hundreds of them.

Four, Israel, that ncourages the US to attack Iran, is now facing domestic political crises. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has for the second time failed to form a cabinet and is being investigated for correction. Leaving politics equals years of jail for him.

Five, the president of the US himself faces a similar investigation, which is minimizing his chances of reelection. The US indexes show recession and he has exploited power to help his reactionary non-democratic Arab allies in the Middle East.

Six, the Resistance has had the great achievement of reopening Al-Qa'im border crossing between Syria and Iraq which is of great importance to them economically, politically, and militarily. They will all get connected to the Mediterranean Sea, which puts an end to their siege.

The changes in the Middle East and Iran's progress have embarrassed Trump, who tries to escape the crisis and impasse through dialogues with Tehran, he wrote.

Trump has once tried and failed to talk with Iran's Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad-Javad Zarif during the G7 meeting in France. The US retaliated Zarif's rejection to meet with the US president by sanctioning him, but they couldn’t prevent the Iranians from participating in the 74th UNGA.

Saudi Arabia had already threatened to take the war into the Iranian borders, but later they had to send mediators to give Tehran messages of dialogue and retreated extensively from its previous stances.  

He added that the world respects the party that tries to keep the esteem, of its people, rejects any kind of blackmailing, is independent, and stands on its own feet. Iranian leaders have taken up this evident principle and value.

Atwan went on t write that the US had beguiled, belittled and swindled the Arab states, especially the ones in the Persian Gulf region, out of their wealth. Washington sells the old out-dated imprecise weapons to them.      

He stressed that China's decision to invest 450 billion dollars in Chabahar Port, located at the mouth of the Gulf of Oman, and Turkey's importing oil from Iran and ignoring the US sanctions, and Russia's coordination with Iran about Syria and the region signify a new Middle East, in which Arabs have no place, except for following others.


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