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Republicans likely to join Democrats to impeach Trump

New York, Oct 5, IRNA – The Republicans are likely to join Democrats to impeach Donald Trump, Former Adviser to the US Congress, James George Jatras, said on Saturday.

Many previous men of Trump may turn against him, said James George Jatras on Saturday, adding that if impeached, Trump will be replaced by Mike Pence who is considered a more normal president by many.

"US president Donald Trump is in hot water. If the Democrats escalate pressures and their media campaign embark on publicity works about the impeachment, several of Republican figures inside and outside the Congress are ready to join the army of the impeachers.  

Jatras said that a complaint made by a CIA member initiated the impeachment and that the whistle-blower is most probably a member of the Trump administration that doesn't like his policies. The plan may even have been initiated by John Bolton who was removed by Trump from his position as national security adviser, or even the resigned US special envoy on Ukraine. 

Kurt Volker, resigned special envoy of US on Ukraine

He added that Bolton was unhappy with Trump with his policies about Iran and North Korea.

Jatras said in an interview with IRNA that Trump's impeachment is "virtually certain now", especially with what the US House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and the Democratic head of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, said in their press conference on Saturday.

Nancy Pelosi, the US House Speaker

"They believe that they already have what they consider 'a smoking gun' that Trump tried to influence a foreign government to interfere in our election."

He said that they consider Trump's phone talks with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to be trying to damage to his opponent Joe Biden, and all the established media will exactly follow suit.

Jatras said that there are many "legitimate" questions about the role of foreign governments, including Ukraine, working with the CIA and the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign and to spread "the damaging and false allegations about him".

Ukraine was very close to Hillary Clinton and opposed Trump who has said that he wanted to improve ties with Russia, which former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko "certainly did not want that to happen."

He said that though the Democrats need 20 Republican senators to support them to be able to impeach Trump and they don’t have it now, it is possible that they could get some Republican senators if they could find the right justification to turn public opinion against Trump. If so, a certain portion of the Republican public opinion against Trump, he will start losing some Republican senators.

"There are a few senators, starting with Mitt Romney, who will jump at the chance to put a knife at Trump's back."

Mitt Romney, US Republican Senator

Many Republicans "will be perfectly happy to" replace Trump with Pence, he said, adding that they will hope that this would not be "a replay of Clinton impeachment, or a prototype of Nixon impeachment."


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