Sep 29, 2019, 6:01 PM
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Events in region have nothing to do with Iran

Tehran, Sept 29, IRNA - Expediency Council secretary Mohsen Rezaei said what happened in the region has nothing to do with the Islamic Republic of Iran. They do not say that the Aramco explosion was the work of Ansarollah to protect their reputation and they had to blame it on a big country like Iran.

Speaking at a meeting on Sunday on the occasion of the National Day of Fighting Arrogance on November 4, Rezaei said, "They said Aramco is Iran's work, but we have made it clear that our friends have certainly become empowered."

Rezaei noted that there is no evidence that Iran was involved in the Saudi attacks.

Rezaei said that sanctions would not be lifted even if President Donald Trump would leave the office in case of not being reelected.

"Even if the Democrats come to replace Trump, the fight against them will continue because of America's hostility."

According to him, even if Americans do not elect people like Trump, we will not return to the JCPOA again, we have left JCPOA behind and want new conditions beyond the JCPOA to ensure that not much damage is inflicted on the Islamic Republic. If the United States wants us to return to the JCPOA, they must not only return to the JCPOA themselves but also pay us at least $50 billion costs for in economic sanctions.

The Secretary of the Expediency Council emphasized that today "our foreign policy towards the United States should be outlined" in the context of the Second Step of the Revolution, adding that "we are looking for regional countries to work together for the collective security" of the Persian Gulf? But which countries, "we urge the Islamic countries, first to become independent from the US and then become brothers". Brotherhood and independence have to go hand in hand in the region.

What did the Americans expect from the economic sanctions? He said as "we entered a new era". They wanted to cut Iran's oil sales to zero, cut off Iran's imports, exports and trade, which would keep Iran in a definitive and 100% siege to spite dissatisfaction and explosion from within. The government and the entrepreneurs must also frustrate the enemy on the economic front, what better opportunity today than with our own oil to launch national production.


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