Russian analyst says HOPE Initiative aims to restore security to Persian Gulf

Moscow, Sept 28, IRNA – Director of Russia's Foreign Policy Research Institute Veronika Krasheninnikova told IRNA that Hormuz Peace Endeavor (HOPE) Initiative presented by Iran's President Rouhani to the United Nations General Assembly aims to restore security and reduce tensions in the Persian Gulf region.

The Initiative was proposed for providing security, stability in navigation, and de-escalation in the region, said Veronika Krasheninnikova in an exclusive interview with IRNA in Moscow.

Krasheninnikova said that Russia is paying careful attention to the condition in the region and believes that measures taken by some countries, especially the US, are against the interests of the region.

Veronika Krasheninnikova; Director of Russia's Foreign Policy Research Institute

The author of "America-Russia: the Cold War of Cultures" (2007) said that the US intends to destabilize the Persian Gulf and the Middle East, which is clearly seen in Washington's covert, and in some cases overt, support for the terror groups active on the region.

Krasheninnikova said that Moscow supports the suggestion because it is in line with the Russian security plan for the Persian Gulf which was put forward about a month ago.

Unfortunately the US and some of its allies do not support the Russian security plan, which shows they are willing to stir up tension in the region, she said.

The Russian official added that most important project of the US to picture a black image of Iran is their repeating the claim that Tehran wants to produce an atomic bomb. This is while the reports of the International Atomic Energy Agency's (IAEA) says otherwise and confirms the peaceful nature of  Iran's nuclear activities.

Inviting all the regional countries to join Iran's initiative, she said that the countries should choose one: cooperation and friendship or hostility and dispute. If tensions were reduced, the regional states would not have to buy any more weaponry and put a huge burden on their economy.

Krasheninnikova added that as it turns out because the US and its allies are trying to worsen the situation, the tensions will continue to escalate. They won't let the region to see calm.

The situation in the Persian Gulf is turbulent because two months ago an unknown group attacked some oil tankers – no one has claimed responsibility for the assaults, the US has imposed the harshest sanctions on Iran, and points its finger on Iran claiming that Iran has had something to do with Yemen's attacks on Aramco that shocked the oil market.

They avoid showing any proofs though Iran has wanted them to publish their documents if they have any.


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