Lebanese analysts say Ansarullah can launch bigger attacks on Saudi Arabia

Beirut, Sept 25, IRNA - Yemen’s Ansarullahi is capable of launching bigger attacks on Saudi oil facilities, a Lebanese political analyst said on Wednesday as Riyadh reels from a cut in its oil production. 

“Those who know Saudi oil giant Aramco know well that the attacks could’ve been bigger,” Ali Morad, a Lebanese political analyst told IRNA on Wednesday. 

He noted that the Houthis in Yemen only targeted half of the oil facilities of the company in Abqaiq. 

“Those half attacks sent a message to Saudi Arabia and the US that we can hit harder in case the Saudi aggression continues,” Morad told the Islamic Republic News Agency in Beirut. 

Following the attacks, Mahdi al-Mashat, Yemen Supreme Political Council’s President, said Sana’a will halt attacks into the heart of Saudi Arabia in case Riyadh stops attacks on its southwestern neighbor. 

“That statement sent a clear message that Yemen’s Ansarullah is capable of targeting sensitive installations inside Saudi Arabia and that if that country doesn’t accept the initiative, the Yemenis could hit Saudi facilities again,” according to the analyst who spoke to IRNA. 

Morad raised the alarms for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), saying that should the country keep staying in southern Yemen, it will also be prone to attacks from the Ansarullah group. 


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