Army commander warns enemies against thinking to attack Iran, says perpetrators to face 'Saddam's fate'

Tehran, Sept 25, IRNA - Attacking Iran’s border will result in the same fiasco that former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein suffered, said Iran’s Army Commander Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi on Wednesday as the country commemorates the 39th anniversary of Iraq’s war against Iran.

“Thanks to the martyr's blood and resistance during the Sacred Defense, everyone understood that attacking Iran’s borders will have the same result that experiences Saddam,” said Major General Mousavi on Wednesday. 

On September 22, 1980 ex-Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, supported by the then world powers, launched an attack on Iran. 

The Iranian official stressed that his country will now crack open the US so-called maximum pressure and will come out victorious from this situation. 

The US pulled out of Iran's nuclear deal and re-imposed unilateral economic sanctions on the country in a bid to corner Iran into a desperate situation to negotiate another agreement.  

However, Iran has resisted re-imposed US sanctions, vowing to stand firm until the end. 

Mousavi added that Iran learned from the 1980 war that it should seek to bolster its defense capabilities from within, refusing to submit itself to the world powers.

He added that situations in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen have shown that these nations have now learned to resist. 

“The Muslim nations of the region have learned that the only way to defeat foreign looters is resistance. The dominating forces along with regional states try hard to overthrow Syria’s legal-political system. In Iraq, they spread terror and violence and in Yemen, they faced the firm will of its nation,” said the Iranian army commander.


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