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Lebanese analyst calls US "source of Middle East problems"

Beirut, Sept 24, IRNA – A Lebanese analyst told IRNA that the source to all the problems of the Middle East is the United States.

Kamel Wazne said that the path to agreement between Iran and the Arab state of the Persian Gulf, especially Saudi Arabia, is "open".

Regarding the recent attack made by Yemen on the Arabian-American oil Company (Aramco), Wazne said that the Yemenis are more capable than that.

Wazne added that the countries of the region make a costly mistake to rely on the US. The security of the region should only be provided by the countries of the region themselves.

The US has military bases in some countries of the region, like Qatar and Bahrain, so the issue of increasing the number of the forces in the region will not change anything, he said.

He said that purchasing oil from the Middle East is not necessary for the US, so that Washington is focusing on selling weapons to the region.

Regarding the clash between Iran and the US, Wazne said that the US knows the power of Iran and its ability to respond. Iran also has friends in the region than can harm the US and its allies.

If the US had the power to hit Iran, it would have done it without any hesitation. But the deterrent power of Iran makes them think a thousand times before taking any action against Iran, he said.

The other issue is the military bases of the US. Iran has clearly announced that if the US makes any military action, all the US bases are in the range of Iran and no place for the US presence in the region is an exception.

He added that whoever that has had interactions with Iran knows that they have the power of doing what they say. Iran has said that it will not start a war, but, if a war is imposed, it will defend itself with whatever at hand.   

In the contemporary history, the US spent three trillion dollars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but, couldn’t win the war. They left the two countries with 6,000 killed and 700,000 wounded soldiers.

He added that any kind of clash with Iran will have a huge cost on the US economy and military. Some people in the US are trying to drive Trump to a war with Iran, but he knows that he can progress to a certain extent, and then he will have to stop.

The US is now facing the practical power of Iran and they know that in case of any wars, Iran is not alone, Wazne said.

Trump stirred up a great tension in the world by quitting Iran nuclear deal, he said.

Regarding the Yemen conflict, he said that the US, French and German weapons were not of any use, and Yemenis could target Aramco, which was a hard blow to the Saudi economy.

In such a condition, accusing Iran is really easy, he said.

Wazne went on to say that the Yemenis will develop new skills any day that the Saudis prolong the war. The Saudis and the US will not gain anything from the war.

The Saudis made a strategic mistake and didn’t meticulously measure the capability and will of the people of Yemen to resist, he said, adding that war has negatively affected the region.

He added that all the crises and economic problems of the region are because of the US policies that is trying to enslave the entire world, like what the US did to the black people: they enslaved five million African Americans in about a hundred years.

They want to buy the nations of the region and anyone who doesn't yield to the will of US are sanctioned. The sanctions will sometimes go on to death. There have been cases in North Korea and Cuba.

Regarding the Arab NATO plan, Wazne said that any attempts to increase military power will lead to more economic problems for the supporters of the plan.

Touching on the remarks made by Fouad Siniora, the former Lebanese prime minster, accusing Iran for attacks on Aramco, he said that there two groups in Lebanon: one group is with Iran and the other with the Saudis.

He said that what Siniora had said is not the official stance of the country.

He also said that the sanctions of the US are not just on Hezbollah. They hit the entire Lebanon indiscriminately.


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