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Pakistani expert says no justification of US economic war against Iran

Islamabad, Sept 22, IRNA -- A Pakistani scholar strongly believes that Iran being a sovereign country has a right to follow an independent policy saying there is absolutely no justification of US economic war against Iran.

In an interview with IRNA, Dr. Rizwana Abbasi, Associate Professor of International Relations at National University of Modern Languages (NUML) said the US aggressive approach against Iran provoked the Islamic Republic to withdraw from some of the JCPOA commitments.

She said that without initiating negotiations and lifting sanctions on Iranians one may not be able to negotiate anything with Iran.

"Iran then, of course, has to follow other channels, for example, Iran can connect its economy with Asia Pacific economies, it has to find new pathways in order to craft a relationship with Russia and China,” noted the expert.

Author of a book titled “Nuclear Deterrence in South Asia - New Technologies and Challenges to Sustainable Peace” said if the US does not consider lifting sanctions against Iran, the Islamic Republic would actually find out other avenues of cooperation with other countries for economic growth. 

“I always think that the JCPOA was a very comprehensive agreement between Iran and the P5, I believe it was a comprehensive plan of action that not only helped to lift sanctions on Iran but also stabilized broader Middle Eastern environment,” said the scholar.

Dr. Rizwana who works in the areas of international security and nuclear nonproliferation said revocation of the JCPOA particularly at this moment would lead to creating mistrust and warlike situation and confrontation between Iran and the US.

“It would not only harm Iran’s economy but it would generate new threats for the Iranian security and that would certainly have the domino effect and would push other countries to reconsider nuclear commitments and this may also make Iran rethink its NPT commitments,” viewed the analyst.

The professor expressing her views said Iran is justified to stop implementing some parts of the JCPOA after the US unilateral withdrawal from the agreement.

She said Iran has already announced that if the US completely revokes the agreement and they do not abide by the commitments Iran would be compelled to come out of the deal but in the situation the EU has to play an important role and it has to stabilize broader relationships with Iranians.

The analyst went on to say Iranian oil companies must be allowed to sell their oil by lifting sanctions otherwise it would create new pathways for the Iranians to reconsider their security commitments and resume their enrichment program.

Dr. Rizwana added that the region of the Middle East is certainly in turmoil right now and there is no evidence on the ground that the attacks on Saudi oil facilities were initiated by Iran.

“I believe that there are many spoilers in the region that are deliberately trying to create a more complicated security environment in the region and this would definitely have an impact on all the players in the region,” observed the analyst.

She was of the view these sorts of attacks need to be investigated and one-sided actions or one-sided blame on the other would definitely lead to have more mistrust and create war-like situations.

“All parties of the JCPOA need to sit on a table and try to find a middle ground to rescue the agreement and to stabilize the relations with Iranians,” added the scholar.


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