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Saudi Arabia and a way to escape swamp

Tehran, Sept 20, IRNA - Since Saudi Arabia has been attacking Yemen for 4 and a half years, the two sides repeatedly have been striking each other; Yemenis civilians and facilities and Saudi military bases and by prolongation of war, the power of Yemenis to respond and the magnitude of inflicting casualties and damages to Saudi Arabia has increased, but the question is why does Saudi Arabia accuse Iran?

Saudi accusations against Iran are linked to the machination of hardliners in Trump's cabinet, and have been made more striking during the recent attack on Saudi oil facilities.

The war of attrition has now undermined the Saudi Arabia, which in the spring of 2008 thought it would end Ansarullah's existence in a short period of time. The Yemeni people have become more determined and resilient in their confrontation with the Saudi aggression than ever before, but the Saudi leaders neither believe in it nor are willing to negotiate in a logical way to get out of the swamp.

Of course, the cost of continuing the aggression of Yemen is increasing for the Saudis, and it is impossible for Riyadh to continue, but it is bombing and killing civilians trying to break up this national resistance in Yemen.

Now why Iran?

Many experts and analysts believe that the Saudi government has tried to hide its weaknesses since the beginning of the invasion of Yemen by making baseless allegations against Iran, but this time the size and depth of the blow was so high that has put all defense and the military of the country and its military budget under question.

Despite paying billions of dollars for massive arms purchases from the United States and European allies, which were used for destroying the homes of the Yemeni nation and killing several thousand civilians mostly women and children by thousands of bombs and missiles, and destruction of its infrastructure, it has not succeeded in overcoming the Yemeni nation on the battlefield.

Riyadh leaders because of their obstinacy even accepted Trump’s verbal humiliation who described them as milking cows, to put under their domination a nation and neighbor with the same religion and language.

Now, after more than four years, these embarrassments have been piled on; many believe that all that money and all the defensive weapons against Ansarullah has had no effect, and that is an embarrassment for Saudi leaders, so they are by no means ready to accept Ansarullah's strike during the attack on Aramco, as if in the early hours after the attack on their oil facilities, they pretended that the attack had not taken place from inside of Yemeni soil.

American hardliners have also blamed Iran for overwhelming their political setbacks in the region and dragging their country into an unpredictable war; unknown officials in Washington claimed Tuesday that missiles and UAVs were fired and flied from inside Iran.

There are a few things worth to mention about this new adventure: First, Ansarullah and the Yemeni People's Forces, have repeatedly threatened the Saudi government in recent years to hit targets inside Saudi Arabia if it continues to bomb and kill civilians and their houses, and this have been repeated in several occasions. After the attack on the Aramco facilities, these forces again threatened Riyadh that they would not remain silent against the killing of the Yemenis. So the Saudis still have to wait for other actions by the Yemenis; it is a war and the other side will not sit idle.

Secondly, the Saudis are trying to get out of the quagmire by increasing the extend of incident and giving it an international dimension, both decently and without any expense, but they seem to be playing with fire, while the logical and the practical way for ending the Yemeni crisis is the dialogue and helping the Yemeni people to solve their own problems.

Third, the Saudis are unaware that the Americans are directing Saudi Arabia to enter a devastating war by hasty entry into recent events and false accusations - such as the scenario planned for the false weapons of mass destruction in Iraq prior to the invasion of the country in 2003.

In other words, the fact is that the military aggression against Yemen has inflicted great damage on Saudi Arabia, both militarily and economically and has damaged its international prestige and undermined its standing in the Muslim world, but its leaders continue to insist on it; Western governments and, above all, Trump’s America are taking advantage of the circumstances provided by Saudi miscalculations.

Finally, it is important to remind the Saudi leaders that the time will never go back to March 25,2015 (the beginning of the Saudi invasion of Yemen), so they must make a bold decision to leave Yemen, not by making accusations and relying on the foreign powers raise their costs; Trump’s America and Western governments only look to Saudi Arabia's oil revenues; that’s all…


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