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Tabriz, Treasure of Iranian Historical Houses
tabriz historical houses

Tabriz, IRNA – The ancient city of Tabriz with several thousand years of history along with monuments and buildings, has beautiful, ancient and valuable historical houses that are a reminder of the rich culture and history of Azarbaijan province, especially from the Safavid and Qajar era and the Constitutional Movement culminated in 1906.

The Constitution House of Tabriz also known as Khaneh Mashrouteh, Heidarzadeh, Ganjei Zadeh, Ali Mossio, Hariri, Behnam, Ostad Shahriar, Parvin Etesami, Amir Kabir, Nikdel and Calcutta are just a few examples of the hundreds of historical houses in Tabriz that have been renovated and are now in public use or the museum is accessible to enthusiasts and tourists.

The presence of unique ancient and historical houses in traditional and Islamic architecture in Tabriz has made this city a treasure trove of historic houses, especially Qajar houses with special tourist attractions in Iran.

Tabriz as one of the most important cities in Iran with rich historical and cultural background from long distances has been the founder of many architectural and artistic styles and pioneers in cultural and social spheres and therefore inherited a precious heritage of different times.

**** Khaneh Mashrouteh

The Constitution House of Tabriz also known as Khaneh Mashrouteh is the most famous and prestigious historical house in Tabriz which was at the height of the Constitutional Revolution's fateful decisions.It is 110 years old, now located on the western side of the Tabriz market.

The Constitution House of Tabriz was originally owned by Haj Mehdi Kouzeh Kanani, one of the constitutional activists in Tabriz, who was given to the adherents of the Constitutional Movement during the liberation struggle of the Tabriz people, and during the peak years of the Constitutional Movement and afterwards the gathering of leaders of the Constitutional Movement and fighters.

The Constitution House of Tabriz has numerous halls and rooms, but the most beautiful part of the building is the skylight and the decorative mirror.

The building was transformed into a Constitutional Museum in 1996, and the course of events and events of the Constitutional Revolution has been exhibited in the form of unique images and photos.

*** Khaneh Qhadaki (Qhadaki House)

The "Qaddaki" house is another Tabriz monument located in the center of the city and behind the municipality building in the famous Maghsoudieh neighborhood.

Built in the midst of Qajar era and at the height of the political and economic life of Dar al-Saltanah in Tabriz, the building with its symmetrical arches paints a beautiful view of Qajar era construction.

The colorful arched windows, the beautiful designs on the brick wall, the landscaping on both sides of the courtyard and the twisting columns are among the distinctive features of the Ghadaki house that strokes the eye of visitors to this magnificent building.

According to experts, this building is one of the best examples of Iranian architecture for living in a climate with Azarbaijani conditions, The unique architectural features combined with the use of the Qhadaki House Museum have made it one of the major tourist attractions of Tabriz in recent years.

*** Behnam House 

Behnam House is one of the other historical houses in Tabriz that has been a memorial since the late Qajar era.

The house, now renamed Sahand University of Technology School of Architecture, is characterized by its elegant architecture, glazed windows, and large arches and porches.

The interior and exterior spaces of this Qajar-era building, in addition to its interior decoration, dazzle the visitors as they visit this magnificent building, designed to suit the different seasons of the year to balance its beautiful temperature and landscape.

Behnam House as one of the historic buildings of the city of Tabriz, was built as a residential home in the late Zandian and early Qajar era, during the reign of Nasir al-Din Shah Qajar, this house was renovated and decorated with paintings.

The house consists of the main building, a gated building and a small building as a bungalow. Like many old Iranian houses, this house has two internal and outer courtyards. In the recent renovation of this house, several Iranian fresco paintings have been discovered that are currently being repaired by experts.

Behnam house can be ranked as the most beautiful house which has been renovated recently in Tabriz .

*** Ostad Shahriar Museum of Tabriz

Poet Mohammad-Hossein Behjat Tabrizi (1906-1988) is better known by his pen name Shahriar, He wrote poems both in Persian and his native Azari language.

He was a talented calligrapher and played the Setar. The day of his death has been designated as the National Day of Poem.

Shahriar’s home has been turned into a museum which houses his personal items including the instruments he played, his calligraphy work and photos are displayed at the museum.

Poet Mohammad-Hossein Behjat Tabrizi's personal items and books are kept in the museum, a small courtyard with a pond and garden, and on the first floor, Master's books, photos, and personal belongings are on public display.


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